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One of the meanings of the word HUNA, in what is considered to be the most definitive Hawai'ian Dictionary (Pukui-Elbert 1986), is SECRET.  HUNA as a practice has been described as an ancient psycho-spiritual system/tradition and is also often classified as Shamanic.  HUNA And Kahuna teachings are not easily defined and can never be confined into any one definition.

The Hawai�ian language is complex and multi�layered. One word can have a multitude of meanings. This is quite important in exploring these traditions because one word may expand to conceal and/or reveal volumes of meaning. The Hawai�ian Language is deeply layered with meanings, the full and complete understanding of the principles could take a lifetime of exploration.

The foundational information that forms HUNA was practiced for generations in secret  - due to legal restrictions - and known by only a few Hawai'ian Kahuna and it was not taught openly for several hundred years.  Yet, there has been a legend hidden in the teachings of the Kahuna that there would be a time when the original teachings would become known once again. 

In Hawai'i, the teaching of HUNA was originally and is still called Ho'omana (to make "Mana", or life force energy). One of the meanings of the Hawai�ian word H'oo means �to make�.  One of the meanings of the Hawai�ian work word "Mana" means life force energy.

HUNA is an ancient Hawai�ian system of knowledge and power which is traced by �legend� back to Lemuria or as it�s known in ancient Hawai�ian traditions � Mu.

These teachings have awaited a time when the people of the earth would be ready to understand them once again.  A time when the consciousness of humans had raised to be ready to receive the teachings.  That time is NOW!  Reputedly, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said, "As the consciousness of the world is raised, the old teachings will once again be revived as the consciousness comes up to the level where the people can understand them again."

HUNA as taught by Spirits of NativeLIGHT and Spirit Journey Academy, under the guidance of Hawaiian Kapuna (elders) and Kahuna (experts), encompasses the underlying concepts of Hawaiian Spiritualism which can be traced back to the Ancient Ones and further to the dawning of humans on this Earth.  Additionally, the HUNA workshops clarify and expand the scope of the practices of the ancient Hawaiians, so that we can clear our vision to tap the power of the infinite and understand with deeper vision.

Ku Kahuna Lokahi said to me "I say to Native Hawai'ians and others that not all Kahuna are in the Islands.  There are many who have great knowledge elsewhere in the world.  You are among those."


What is HUNA?

The word HUNA has only been used as the name of this spiritual framework in modern times.  The word was chosen by Max Freedom Long who went to Hawai�i as a school teacher during the 1920s. He initially became interested in the ancient wisdom and teachings from bits of information he heard from students and their families in the natural course of life. 

He learned further information about the teachings of HUNA from William Tufts Brigham who had spent forty years living in Hawai'i, trying to understand the secrets of the HUNA teachings. Brigham had been able to obtain much information but never able to get to the core of the teachings because of the �secret� nature of the work which was partially due to the laws which made the practice illegal and partially due to the natural inclination of the Native Hawai'ians to hold the truths and wisdom close to themselves and not share with those from the Western world.

Long had heard of Brigham's interest in HUNA and instigated a meeting with him.  After that meeting, Long became so passionate about learning the information that it could be considered an obsession.   Long studied Brigham's work and upon Brigham�s death, he inherited all the previously gathered information.  He too came across great obstacles in his search. The HUNA teachings had been passed on by word of mouth and the few Kahuna left in Hawai�i would not speak with him.

In 1935, after returning to the mainland, Long gained insight when he began to make fresh translations of the Hawai�ian chants and prayers based on the most basic root words. The new translation was the key that unlocked the secret of how the Kahuna performed their seemingly magical feats. Long spent the next forty years studying and working with the HUNA teachings, until his death in 1971. The work then passed to others who are still active in Huna Research Associates.

One purpose of the original teaching was to increase life force energy and to give every single human the power in HIS or HER OWN HANDS.  This provides the ultimate means for every human to create what they  want in their life.

Why did the ancient people of the Earth not need coaches, experts, gurus, consultants or psychotherapists? Why was mental dis-ease virtually unknown in Hawai'i prior to 1820? Why is the land of Hawai'i even today one of the most blessed spots on Earth? What is present in Hawai'i tradition that is missing in other places?

HUNA is the healing and spiritual shamanism of ancient Hawai'i. If you're interested in spiritual growth and personal development, or expansion of your awareness and your connection to universal spirit, then you'll find that HUNA is one of the best practical tools for you to use when working toward transformation on your Spiritual Journey.

HUNA is the original art and science of healing and spiritual development of the peoples of the earth. It isn't for everyone; however if you have asked yourself any of the following questions, then HUNA will assist you to learn the answers to them.

  • "Who am I?"

  • "What is my spiritual nature?"

  • "What is the nature of the world in which we live?"

  • "How were people in ancient times connected to nature?"

  • "How can I connect with the elemental forces of nature and live in harmony with my environment?"

  • "Why do things happen the way they do?"

HUNA provides methods to make connections with the sources of Mana both inside and outside yourself. The scope of HUNA is quite broad and provides a system of wisdom which will enable you to transform your life and become who you were truly meant to be.

With us since Ancient times, HUNA is an established living  system of knowledge and power.  This modern incarnation of HUNA  is being taught in terms of the needs of our western urbanized culture while retaining the methods and purpose of the Hawai�ian Ancestors  and Kahuna who kept the Ancient Knowledge alive.  HUNA�s promise, its purpose, is to offer all of us a path through which we may reclaim our natural and rightful inheritance of  Divine Power. It is our right � we are ALL children of the Divine.

The following workshops are designed and developed so that all participants can immediately begin using HUNA concepts to live a life of ALOHA, Bliss, Joy, Harmony in the LOVE and LIGHT of the Divine Source as we were all meant to do.

HUNA HOME STUDY Training and Certification

HUNA as taught by Spirits of NativeLIGHT and Spirit Journey Academy is based upon many years of study with Native Hawai'ians as well as the work of Max Freedom Long, Serge Kahili King and Tad James among others.  My work has been blessed by several Native Hawai'ian Kahuna and Kapuna and as more of the Ancient Wisdom is brought forth it continues to transition. 

I believe that I have been blessed and gifted with much information and that my task is to share ALL that information with ALL who are called in a loving compassionate way with prices which  make the information universally available to ALL.

Taught as a Home Study course by Rev. WolfWoman. 

*** NOTE that ALL HUNA Home Study modules are ONLINE from a secure page.  Logon and password will be provided via email within 72 BUSINESS HOURS AFTER your purchase.  See here for our business hours and/or use the link on the purchase verification form.

As with all Home Study Modules, when you complete the required attunements, case studies and paper you will receive a electronically delivered Certificate via email.  Optional printed certificate delivered via USPS is available for a nominal charge.

Attunements and initiations, when applicable, are done remotely.   Each level includes certification, all applicable attunements/initiations, extensive eBook manual and unlimited lifetime support from WolfWoman. 

Each eBook manual for Home Study includes ALL of the course information, ALL of the accompanying meditation/initiation audio files (within the eBOOK), ALL forms for feedback and Case Study submissions and ALL other information that you will need to complete your course and receive your certification.

Each level is offered ONLY as an FLASH ONLINE course!.  Is is IMPORTANT to check the SAMPLE VERSION of the online eBook below so that you KNOW that the online format will work on your device.

The HUNA course (all levels) is now being offered ONLY in the following formats to which all of the courses authored by Rev. Wendi  are being converted.

ALL of the following contain all the information for each level of study contain all of the course material, all of the audio meditations/initiation and all forms for feedback from the course.  EACH eBook is  Online  ONLY and you have the access for LIFE.





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click with questions or regarding private in-person training 


Please note:  None of the offerings on this website are not a substitute for a doctor's care or the care of ANY other medical professional. They are energetic supports meant to compliment, not replace, traditional medicine. No promise is made that any of these offerings will provide any physical health benefit for anyone. As a alternative Wellness and/or Vibrational Energy practitioner, there may be laws in your city, state/province or country that prohibit you from promising that you can treat physical illnesses. It is YOUR responsibility to fulfill ALL of your local requirements.



The 5 levels of the HUNA course are:


  • Introduction to HUNA LEVEL 1

This class is open to all who are called to study with us and offers an expansive overview of HUNA practices as well as extensive hands on practice of traditional Hawai'ian techniques which allow you to expand your wisdom on your personal path to enlightenment.

Upon completion of the Introduction to HUNA Level 1 training, you receive certification as a HUNA Level 1 Practitioner and are able to use the skills for yourself and others.

Additionally, you will learn the FULL truth about the Kahuna and the following HUNA concepts: the Three Selves, the Three Minds  of Humankind, Four Bodies and how they all communicate within ourselves, The Deeper Meaning of Chants as well as Kahuna breathing, Ancient Hawai'ian chants for Enlightenment, meditations and additional techniques which will enable you to use the HUNA concepts to enrich your daily life.

The Home Study module (eBOOK) includes extensive directions regarding use of HUNA.  The eBook includes all audios, feedback and Case Studies forms and more. 

Investment for HOME STUDY:


$100  eBook ONLINE

Includes ALL audios of the meditations and all feedback, case study & paper submission forms for certification within the eBook. 



This class is open to all participants who are certified in HUNA Level 1 through Spirits of NativeLIGHT and Spirit Journey Academy

During this workshop you will learn the Assumptions of HUNA magic,  further knowledge about communication between the Three Selves and Four Bodies,  how to use your Unconscious mind in the way it was intended to be used, the process of clearing up and aligning your relationships - both past and present,  the 7 Basic principles, differences between beliefs, reality and levels of awareness, and the importance of the elements and your connection with them. Also presented are additional Ancient Hawai'ian chants, meditations and breathing techniques for using the information with which you are presented.

The Home Study module (eBOOK) includes extensive directions regarding use of HUNA 2.  The eBook includes all audios, feedback and Case Studies forms and more. 

Investment for HOME STUDY:   $125 eBook ONLINE

Includes ALL audios of the meditations and all feedback, case study & paper submission forms for certification within the eBook.


  • HUNA - LEVEL 3

This class is open to all participants who are certified in HUNA Level 2 through Spirits of NativeLIGHT and Spirit Journey Academy.

During this workshop, you will learn concepts of and how to use additional chants and techniques for Mana and the Five Elements, how to adjust your energy levels using the elements to attune your neurological functions to higher vibrations, and the psychological healing practices of Ancient Hawai'i, connection with and attunement/initiation to "The Heart of the Sun" and the Aloha Spirit, principles for healing and healers, 5 elements and the story  of creation (extensive and powerful meditation), about Hawai'ian and Polynesian Gods and Goddess and how to connect with their energy, sacred Polynesian symbols and their use more Ancient Chants for Healing and Enlightenment and much, much more.   

The Home Study module (eBook) includes extensive directions regarding use of HUNA 3.  The eBook includes all audios, feedback and Case Studies forms and more. 

Investment for HOME STUDY:


$150 eBook ONLINE

Includes ALL audios of the meditations and all feedback, case study & paper submission forms for certification within the eBook.


  • HUNA - LEVEL 4

This class is open to all participants who are certified in HUNA Level 3 through Spirits of NativeLIGHT and Spirit Journey Academy.

During this workshop you will learn concepts  of and how to use chants and techniques to connect with your Higher Self, to invoke energy for specific needs, the Hawai'ian system of psychic energy flow, to use the Five Elements to Journey to YOUR Higher Council, and prime directives when working with Higher Self connection.  You will also learn advanced breathing techniques, meditations and more Ancient chants, how to use structured dreaming as a technique to manifest your heart and soul desires, learn to merge with and change weather and the elements and much more.

The Home Study module includes extensive directions regarding use of HUNA 4.  The eBook includes all audios, feedback and Case Studies forms and more. 

Investment for HOME STUDY:  $175 eBook ONLINE


Includes ALL audios of the meditations and all feedback, case study & paper submission forms for certification within the eBook.



This class combines the previous Level 5 & Level 6 material and is open to all participants who are certified in HUNA Level 4 through Spirits of NativeLIGHT and Spirit Journey Academy.

During this workshop you will learn to connect with and have the power of HUNA Power Animals, more Ancient chants and techniques to connect with your Higher Self, additional techniques to manifest your heart and soul desires as well as physical needs. You will also learn even more advanced breathing techniques and meditations, more sacred symbols and their use and meet and learn to use your connection with the elemental rulers of Hawai'i and Polynesia,  higher concepts  of and how to use Ancient chants and techniques to connect with your Higher Self and will participate in review of all HUNA principles presented so your way of life becomes one of joy, peace and bliss as well as much, much more.

The Home Study module includes extensive directions regarding use of HUNA 5 and additional information including Home Study Guide and Foundational Course Information.

Investment for HOME STUDY:  $375 eBook ONLINE


Includes ALL audios of the meditations and all feedback, case study & paper submission forms for certification within the eBook.


Teaching certifications for HUNA will be done  in several separate courses and are available to ALL who are certified in HUNA Level 5 (or previous HUNA Level 6) through Spirits of NativeLIGHT and Spirit Journey Academy.

Details of the Teaching Levels will be provided to those individuals who have attained HUNA Level 5 (or previous version - HUNA Level 6) Certification.  Certifications for Teachers will be open to ALL who are qualified and called as determined after an application process and thorough interview with Rev. Wendi.

Some of the Teaching level Workshops MAY take place in Hawaii and will afford participants the opportunity to visit Hawaiian Sacred Sites and to work with many other Hawaiian Spiritual Modalities.  Many of them are done in the continental US and Europe and they are held on a scheduled basis when there are sufficient applicants to warrant scheduling a course.

AFTER completed of the application process and thorough interview with Rev. Wendi and acceptance into the TEACHING HUNA course(s) Rev. Wendi does work privately with Teaching applicants at a location to be determined on a case by case basis.





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HUNA Sessions can be done in person or via absentee (remote) methods on Human and/or Animal Beings and can also be useful for ALL other beings in our Universe.

HUNA Sessions feel both subtle and extremely powerful.  Often recipients feel safe and secure as if one is wrapped in a warm, comfortable blanket; however due to the connection with The Elements and the primal indigenous nature of HUNA recipients may also feel very tribal connections.  As you relax and allow the energy to flow through you, tension, anxiety and fear are released and feeling of peace, wholeness and well-being are experienced. 

Many people report feeling tingling or pulsing of the energy, heat or coolness or flow of energy through their body and many people fall asleep during the session.  Many people reach un-paralleled altered states during sessions and receive visions and information which is vital to their well-being.

There is also the rare experience of feeling your total and complete connection with the Divine Source and the Oneness of ALL beings as well as the incredible connections to the Elements.  Many people experience visions of colors, visits from their ancestors, and touching emotional feelings. You emerge from the session feeling refreshed, revitalized and centered.  It is a wonderful gift to give yourself or others!

HUNA Sessions can be used for any issue/dis-ease and investment is ONLY $1.25 per minute (remote or at our facility).  Additional charges for travel to animal  beings and session facilities may apply (contact us for travel details)


To book a HUNA session contact Rev. WolfWoman at 281-549-2270.

Note that via use of the form below there may be a delay of 24 to 48 hours before Rev. WolfWoman is able to contact you.  If you desire a HUNA session more quickly or if you desire a CUSTOM Session, contact Rev. Wolfwoman at 281-549-2270.

To book a session, please fill out the following form completely.  Rev. WolfWoman will contact you via email with potential session times and to send you an invoice.  Once the invoice is paid, the session will occur AND Rev. WolfWoman will contact you after the session to answer any questions which you may have.

NOTE - HUNA is NOT a substitute for qualified allopathic care from your physicals with ALL Vibrational Energy and Alternaive Holistic Care it is an adjunct to your allopathic medical care.  I do reserve the right to decide to not work with you should I determine that it would not be appropriate for your needs.




State/Province:        USA & Canada ONLY

Country: (if not USA) 



Session Information: (Include the reason you want the session, how long a session you want if you have chosen the Custom Session ($1.25/minute USD) and any other pertinent information which you wish to provide




The most fascnating and extensive course I have taken to date.  It has surpassed anything I had envisioned and I truly feel blessed to take this with such a wonderful teacher. 


The most positive experience I have had in level 2 is that now I have a better grasp and understanding.  I now have tools and techniques to help me stand without judment, how to release any I had carried resentment towards.  I now have an understnading of how the elements are fundamental in this work, in our life.  The postive experiences were many and the connection while chanting and doing the various exercises with the Hawaiian Gods and Goddesses is something I will never forget.


Absolutely...........my journey is just beginnning with Spirits of NativeLight.  After Huna I am def taking the Ancestral Healing.  I truly feel that I was led to Rev Wendi through divine intervention when I asked the angels to find me the right teacher for the next step of my journey.  I knew I was to learn Huna but needed exactly the right teacher.   I feel our journey is all about learning and we never stop learning.  Thus after Huna and Ancestoral Healing, I will see where the heavens direct me next and Rev Wendi has so much to offer that I am interested in and fascinated with.  Healing is my passion and all healing modalites interest me as we can incorporate them in magical ways to blend and use them together. -  LS - Canada - September 2017 - HUNA Level 2


This course went above and beyond what was advertised on the webpage.  It was detailed and in depth and yet at the same time easy to understand and follow.  It far exceeded my expectations.  Simply amazing.

Rev Wendi was fantastic to deal with.  She always was quick to correspond with an answer to any question I had.  Her knowledge of Huna is extensive and really gets you in touch with what the true meaning of Huna entails.  A wonderful course and I would suggest her courses to anyone who wishes to advance on their spiritual journey.

Lots of hands on and practice and lots of details regarding the importance of taking the time and energy to put time and effort into practicing the Huna exercises to better your experience. 

It was far more detailed than I expected and it really gets into the heart of what Huna is all about.  The details and descriptions were far more intense and I felt it showed the importance of not doing things quickly but that time and practice was needed in order to fully give this Huna teaching its due.

The attunement or initiation was amazing.  The walk with Pele and the Night Marchers was so amazing and hard to even explain.  It was so much more than any attuenment I have had to date with Usui Reiki and Kundalini.  It was mind blowing.

I cant wait to continue from level 2 to 5.  I also want to take the ancient healing course as well.  That's the next step of the journey to go hand in hand with the Huna training.  I love it!   - LS - Canada - August 2017 - HUNA Level 1



This is a very powerful class.  It explains many things that aren't part of other energy schools.  I very much enjoyed the nice meditations which give me more power and allow me to have more relaxation.

This is a very powerful schools.  I've studied with many different schools and this is the best for me because of the learning in this class and the contact and feedback with an Excellent and very generous Master.

I will continue my study with you and have just purchased the Level 2 course.  THANK YOU!  EA - Saudi Arabia - December 2012 - Level 1 Class


I really enjoy studying Huna and find it very interesting.  I feel that Huna is ever more powerful than anything I have done and I also feel that I have a better relationship with my unconscious mind.

I can change my reality a lot faster.  I have noticed that my limiting beliefs are coming up a lot easier and that I can get rid of them a lot faster.  I don't sit and wait anymore.  I take action a lot faster.

It  feels like my life took a turn even better than before.  Any issues feel like they don't seem as big of a deal since I have the tools to get rid of them so I can change my projections.  My study has helped me to keep focused on what I want, on where I am going, on new possibilities.  It has helped me to trust unconditionally in how it is going to work out.  I know that at the end my intention is coming to fruition.

This has been special and I will continue my studies with you.  I am looking forward to Huna Level 2. - GW - USA - November 2012 - Level 1


I have enjoyed the HUNA Level One course immensely.  I have experience with other HUNA  courses (primarily through audio) and have also read a great deal by several authors so I did have a basic understanding of the philosophy prior to taking this course; however, this course introduced me to new material and was also helpful incorporating what I have already learned to a deeper level.

I had read a lot about various forms of "The Secret" and has an understanding of the concepts; but what was missing in other courses was the HOW and WHY of the work.

Because of this course and the MANAFesting course, I have a far greater understanding of why I have the experienced I do, why I attract certain situations into my life or experience repeating patterns and why I experience the breadth of emotions that I do.  Now, with the tools in this HUNA course I am able to heal and transform the outmoded thoughts, beliefs and perceptions that no longer serve my highest potential.  It isn't always easy; but, it is possible and I have experienced tremendous breakthroughs with HUNA especially in the realm of understanding the true origins of my emotions.

I am definitely going to continue with HUNA Study.  This course has helped me tremendously to deepen my understanding of the technology underlying this philosophy, why and how it works.  I have been studying HUNA in one form or another for years; but, this is the first time that I understand it and have the practical tools to put to use in my life and see results.

This work is the closest I have come to feeling as if I am part of a Mystery School and returning to remembering what is was I once knew. - AD - USA - September 2012 - Level 1


This course more than met my expectations.  Rev. Wendi is comprehensive and unique.  She gives personal responses and is gracious with her meditation and time!  She is very knowledgeable and I cannot believe how much Rev. Wendi knows and is connected with.

I very much enjoyed the opportunity to practice and use the knowledge.  I got to see my experiences on paper and it made more sense to me after writing it all out.

I highly recommend this course as if you can experience and appreciate a training where you get to work at your own page and in your own time, this class is perfect for home study.

Every experience with this class have been positive.  Rev. Wendi was very gracious with the time it took me to finish and I am now wanting to begin and complete Level 2 just as soon as possible and cannot wait to sign up for Level 2. - CDD - USA - September 2012 - Level 1


It was intensive but a great learning experience.  Huna is a great way to understand the universe and how it works. I have rediscovered myself.  I am more in touch with my own divine presence and the oneness of all beings. I Love the actual "teaching" that takes place. This course surpasses my expectations.  December 2011 - NM - USA

I finished this class feeling more energized than in other classes.  I felt joyful.  KF - Everett, WA


This class brought about an incredible awareness and awakening of self-improvement as well as spiritual growth.  It was complete with information and the energy was so beautiful, soft, loving and at the same time strong that is assisted us all to make the changes necessary to bring about higher levels of awareness.  LT - Seattle, WA


I appreciate WolfWoman's vast amount of research, matter of fact teaching style and willingness to share the so much information.  This was a completely different class than the others which I have taken.  M.B. - Honolulu, HI


Everyone in the class was able to freely express their experiences and thoughts in a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere.  I felt that I gained new friends this weekend.  LC - Port Orchard, WA


This class is a chance to widen your horizons and open up your path to a whole new way that is one of the oldest on earth.  The amount of information shared really opened my eyes.  PS - Burien, WA


I've taken many HUNA classes, all priced at over $1000 each and belong to a web group that claims to be the best and have taken their course.  However, I never before learned the wonder of Hawai'ian Chants, I never before received the initiations, I never before had the volume of information that Rev. Wendi presents in her classes.  This is INCREDIBLE.  The Home Study classes are so professionally done, the packaging is GREAT and the CD is just plain exceptional.  Thank you for you willingness to share the knowledge you have with the rest of us and the price is so low that I can't believe it.  MG - Tyler, TX