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BECOME the YOU that was meant to be!

It is no longer a secret that we are each able to create our own future simply by the "state" of our mind and there are many books, courses, movies, etc. being written about the truth of the human ability to manifest.

However, the practical techniques to implement this ability are another story entirely.

How do you re-train a mind which may have spent years considering or perhaps even dwelling on negatives, the past, etc.

How exactly does one go about:

Making their dreams come true?

Creating abundance in all things as a permanent "condition"?

Permanently releasing past memories which are felt to be issues?

Creating what you want to HAVE � FINALLY!

Making changes in your life quickly and easily Discovering and identifying with what you truly want in life

 Living the Life you have ALWAYS DREAMED OF?

Do you want to learn ancient, time-tested, easy to use, techniques for MANA "festing" your Future?

Do you want to learn the ART of Clearing and Releasing ALL those things which are in the way of you being the BEST and most MAGNIFICENT YOU possible?

Do you want to learn a technique guaranteed to put YOU in the driver's seat of YOUR life?

Do you want to do all these QUICKLY and EASILY in the most benign way possible?

This course offers you these opportunities and more! 

Within the first hours of the course, you will be actively working - using techniques which are easy and quickly learned - to CLEAR and RELEASE any issue that is keeping you from being the BEST & most magnificent YOU possible.

During this incredible course you will:

 Learn techniques for entering your internal space of meditation/prayer in the most effective way

 Learn techniques to immediately "clear" all emotions which are affecting you at any particular moment in time

 Learn to identify and completely eliminate your personal blocks and learn techniques to replace them with effective and powerful strategies to change your life

 Learn techniques to more immediately and thoroughly "be" in the present moment

 Learn about the internal human method of creating the future and how to tap into and direct YOUR INTERNAL POWER!

 The internal method by which negative emotions keep us from our dreams and how to clear them - particularly anger.

 Learn to eliminate the destructive power of guilt

 Learn techniques to move to a life without sadness

 Learn to move yourself from fear into YOUR POWER

 By the end of the first few hours of study - you will have learned many different techniques and practiced them to the point of complete comfort in YOU taking control and changing behaviors and actions which are not in your BEST INTEREST.

 By the end of the complete course you will not only  have learned and practiced techniques to MANA FEST your future - to CREATE your DREAMS in your daily life; but, you will also have learned PROVEN techniques to clear AND change PAST memories and learned behaviors so that they are,  indeed, just that - a THING OF THE PAST - ENTIRELY - never to plague you again.


Using techniques from many methods and practices which she has studied, Rev. Wendi has created this very reasonably course to share the KAHUNA SECRETS & ART of MANA FESTING YOUR FUTURE!


During this inclusive course you will very quickly learn extremely effective but simple SELF COACHING techniques which include elements of EFT, PMT�, NLP, Hypnosis, TimeLine� Therapy, Polynesian Spiritual techniques, Life Coaching techniques and more in a warm, caring, light-hearted way which is sure to put you at ease.


These techniques are so quickly and easily learned that




 What Will I learn


This course is presented in a series of meditative journeys and lecture information in online or downloadable format.  The meditations are designed to assist you in changing your life and learning to MANA FEST your dreams using SECRETS known to the Kahuna of Ancient Polynesia with additional more modern techniques added to assist you.

Among the information presented and techniques included are:


What inside YOU creates your future


How NEGATIVE emotions keep us from our DREAMS


Eliminating the Destructive POWER of GUILT


Moving from FEAR to POWER


The KEY to making the RIGHT DECISIONS for YOU

SECRETS to being MOTIVATED ALL the time

Bring YOUR DREAMS to life NOW



Course Details


This course contains 3 volumes which contain written material as well as guided journeys which will enable you to learn ALL of the material  and to clear out all of the inner hidden issues which have prevented you from MANAFesting all that you want and more.

When you complete the course, you not only have cleared all the issues but will have learned how to MANAFest all that you want all of the time.

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Additionally, all enrollees receive constant personalized support from Rev. Wendi


Includes ALL course material  - including manuals, exercises/meditations, unlimited lifetime email support for questions specific to this course, certification AFTER completion of the course material and completion of ALL necessary Case Studies, access to the Student Resource Center for a period of 6 months (contains supplemental manuals, free attunements, Student Only Specials & more)


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Rev. Wendi  I am so thrilled with this course.  I spend almost every waking hour possible on this course.  I have never felt  this free and relieved and happy and content ever before.  I feel fantastic.  I feel in control of my life instead of my life controlling me.  My daughters have commented on how happy I am.  I don't get upset any more.  I had tons of fear and limitation to release Anger was a big one too.  Its awesome not to feel guilty anymore  I feel alive.

 I plan on repeating this completely through as many times as possible. I'll be a pro at my life -finally. 

Thank you soooo so much Rev. Wendi- You are gift from God --I can't get enough. I was starving for this information.   Plus there's an awesome synergy going on.  it's totally freaking awesome.  Thank you again.  I'm glad God led meIto you. 

Thank you for this amazing course.  I think I'm going to be OK now--LOL!!!  This is not like the "Secret" or other manifesting guides out there.  This is the BEST.   Everything else is incomplete or they have no clue really what they're taking about and they hope whoever reads their information is clueless enough to not know they have no clue as to what they're talking.  This really gets to the root of all the "stuff" in life and offers a cure rather than cover or masking the problems.  It allows you to be totally honest with yourself. Plus, I know I've learned so much about myself.   NM -  USA (May 2011)

This class is the most incredible class I have ever taken.  I am now LIVING my dream thanks to you and this wonderful course.  Thank you for all of your support and for giving me the opportunity to learn this wonderful technique.   B V, Colorado

Thank you, thank you for allowing me to be among the first to do this course online.  As part of the "test" group I was unsure about how valuable it would be; but, I am now moving forward with my dream and I have sold the first of my photographs.  Love to you WolfWoman.  I am blessed to have found you.  G.A, United Kingdom

This class is the best investment I have ever made.  It was worth many times the price.  The techniques you teach are invaluable and I am now FREE of the issues that have plagued me for over 30 years.  Thank you very much for another terrific class G Z, Washington State

I am so blessed to have "found" you.  This class is incredible and I am now working on what I have dreamed about my whole life.  It is ACTUALLY HAPPENING.  You are the best and the support you have given to us is amazing.  I wish I had taken this class earlier.  B K, Colorado