Text Box: things which appear to us to be solid.
Ok, you say—how does this have anything to do with fear and worry.
Because, our very thoughts are pure energy.  Just as is everything else in this world.  
So…...when you are worrying about where the money for next month’s rent is going to come from and/or how you’ll have the money to feed your family, in most cases your thoughts are doing something like this “oh where, oh where am I going to get the money to pay my rent.  I don’t have the money and I’m scared and there just isn’t enough money to go around”.
And what do you get by this type of thinking—not enough money and most certainly not enough to go around—BECAUSE you called exactly what you feared and were worried about to you.
If instead you thought something more like this—”I know that the world is an abundant place and that everything I need will appear to me with no problem” - THEN

In this issue I’m called to respond to another issue that is constantly appearing in my discussions with clients and students.  It is yet another issue with which I spent many years being intimately familiar.

The issue is FEAR and the


First let me say that FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.

Yes, you read that correctly—FEAR is based upon our conception of what MIGHT happen and is a complete and total waste of time.

What MIGHT happen according to your FEAR just as easily MIGHT happen another way entirely or NOT HAPPEN at all. 

More importantly, your THOUGHTS ARE ENERGY and when you worry and indulge in fear you are calling to you exactly what you are worried about and/or afraid of. 

Quantum physics—yes, SCIENCE in it’s purest form - has found/proved that EVERYTHING is energy.  Although we appear to be solid and the desk at which you are sitting and the computer sitting

Text Box: in front of you appear to be solid—ALL of these are in fact simply energy—molecules and atoms and quarks, etc. which are moving around at a particular vibrational level even though they  appear to be solid.  
If you were to match your vibrational level EXACTLY to a wall or a desk they wouldn’t be solid and you could, in fact, simply walk/move through them.
Think about this for a minute.  We turn on our radio while driving down the street and out comes our choice in music or talk.  We turn on the television and out comes sound and pictures.  
HOWEVER, we never think about the fact that radio and television are simply waves of energy which float through the air all around us and without the proper receiver tuned to the proper vibrational frequency (a radio or television) the “signals” are just energy floating around in the cosmos. 
The point here is that radio and television signals/waves penetrate walls and roofs and car bodies, etc. and we never ever give a thought to the fact that they “go through”



This is a republish of an article originally published in june 2006

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Originally published in June 2006 issue—publishing it again due to questions we are constantly receiving from students/clients.