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***Please NOTE - there is NO prerequisite for this course; however, it is advised that one be THOROUGHLY experienced in working with their Guides before taking this course.  For those with little or no experience with Guides, we suggest our Meeting Your Guides course here before taking this class.  Both of the courses are available in a bundled price on the purchase page



THIS course is currently being revised.  Release of the updated/revised course is anticipated no later than 1 August 2014.

Please do let us know if you want email when it is released by using this button. 


MEANWHILE, if you haven't completed the Channeling/Meeting Your Guides course (info here) - we HIGHLY advise it as a precursor for the Akashic Records Reading Course.


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Testimonials from Student For This Course

Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing me to preview this course.  It is Incredible.  Combined with the Meeting Your Guides course I now have all the information and skills I need to do readings for others.  WOW, your courses are SO great.  There is NO comparison between your courses and those offered by so many others.  I can't believe I've spent so much money on other courses which provided me with no skills and so very little on your courses which give me all I need and more.

Additionally, the support you and your staff offer make Home Study with you just like taking a private class.  I cannot say enough about the exceptional support you offer.  NK - USA - January 2012