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Since the beginning of time, humans have used what we currently term Aromatherapy.  Fragrant Plants were worn or sniffed to heal the body.  Flowers were utilized to attract love and to secure food and protection. Often, the rarest, costliest and most aromatic plants were offered in sacrifice to Goddesses and Gods.  Although the purpose was to please the deities, the smoke of the incense and the scents also affected worshippers.  Specific scents were utilized in ritual to attain the correct state of consciousness necessary to the practice of spirituality and mysticism.

The Vedic literature of India which dates from around 2000 BC, lists over 700 substances used in aromatherapy.  The manner in which it is written reflects a spiritual and philosophical outlook, in which humanity is seen as a part of nature and the handling of herbs as a sacred task. The Chinese have an ancient herbal tradition which accompanies the practice of acupuncture, the earliest records of which date from more than 2000 years BC.  Perhaps the most famous and richest associations concerning the first aromatic materials are those which surround the ancient Egyptian civilization.  Papyrus manuscripts date back to the reign of Khufu, around 2800 BC and document the use of many medicinal herbs and oils.  The ancient Egyptians were experts of cosmetology and renowned for their herbal preparations and ointments.

This practice of using sacred scents and essential oils is still in evidence throughout the world.  For example, in the East, sprigs of juniper are burnt in Tibetan temples as a form of purification; in the West, frankincense is used during the Roman Catholic mass.  First Nation and Native American people have always used sacred plants in ceremony and healing.

All the above and more are the origins of the scented oils and incense used in alternative healing modalities.  Conventional aromatherapy utilizes essential oils and massage to heal the body, mind and spirit and is increasing in popularity as many experience its effectiveness.  Hospitals in Europe regularly utilize aromatherapy to speed healing and reduce the pain of patients.  In France it is part of the allopathic/traditional medical model to use aromatherapy in care and often it is used in lieu of pharmaceuticals.  On every store shelf there are examples of aromatherapy being used in society - lotions, dryer softrner sheets and much, much more is taking advantage of the resurgence in the use of aromatherapy

Holistic aromatherapy is a complex art in which essential oils are inhaled or applied to specific parts of the human physical body to produce the desired physiological, mental and emotional effect.  The art of aromatherapy lies in proficiency and wide knowledge of the properties of essential oils and in their use in treating specific conditions.

Rev. Wolfwoman has extensively studied Aromatherapy techniques for over 30 years and has now been called to share her experience and knowledge with all who are called. 

The Aromatherapy Training and Certification Course is a comprehensive class designed to present you with the knowledge and tools to enable you to  begin to use this ancient and extremely effective modality for yourself and others whether as a stand-alone technique or integrated into other existing modalities. 

In this extensive course you will:

  • Learn natural plant origins

  • Learn the history of Aromatherapy

  • Learn Therapeutic Guidelines and Safety precautions

  • Learn therapeutic and aesthetic properties

  • Learn How Essential Oils Work and their relation to the human physical body

  • Learn how to use essential oils

  • How to creatively blend Essential Oils in correct proportions, synergies and fragrant harmonies

  • Learn the properties of specific essential oils

  • Learn the aromas of the days of the week, the season, lunar cycle, the elements, the planets and the zodiac

  • Experience Hands-on practice in the blending and application of essential oils

  • Receive an extensive manual, Home Study Guide and certification forms

  • much, much more

PLEASE NOTE that this course does NOT contain any oils, mixing bottles, etc.  - they can be easily purchased at most local natural food stores - there are RECOMMENDED oil and kits within this course.

This course is presented in a levels - all information is downloaded after purchase (you'll receive logon information via email) and after completion of all feedback forms and exercises you'll receive CERTIFICATION as an Aromatherapy Practitioner.

With your purchase you will receive all the support you need to complete this course and be confident in YOUR CERTIFICATION as a AROMATHERAPY CERTIFICATION MASTER. 

This course provides you with ALL the necessary information and practice to have confidence in your ability to use and share the exceptional tranmission/attunement to AROMATHERAPY CERTIFICATION  with others -

You'll receive 2 extensive and well written manuals with history, blending techniques, and much, much more primary manual as well as other written information (see below). 

The course material for your purchase will be delivered via download which you will receive within 72 business hours after your purchase.  See the link in the purchase verification form or here so there is clarification regarding our business hours.

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Please note:  None of the offerings on this website are not a substitute for a doctor's care or the care of ANY other medical professional. They are energetic supports meant to compliment, not replace, traditional medicine. No promise is made that any of these offerings will provide any physical health benefit for anyone. As a alternative Wellness and/or Vibrational Energy practitioner, there may be laws in your city, state/province or country that prohibit you from promising that you can treat physical illnesses. It is YOUR responsibility to fulfill ALL of your local requirements.

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USD $65.00 including Certificate via email upon completion of attunement



******You can also receive a Printed Copy of your certificate - from our very high quality laser printer - via US Postal Service for an additional $30 charge - please note that printed certificates are sent out once a week AFTER completion of courses - therefore the printed certificate may not be received for 10 to 14 days or more within the USA and 10 to 30 days or more international


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