"The Pathways of the Year Lead us to the

Finding of Treasures Hidden Within"












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This class is being offered as Home Study or ONLINE after many years of teaching it live. The program offers you the opportunity to  kindle/re-kindle and connect with the KNOWING that is already inside you as it is presented in the


Ancient Celtic Ceremony of Working the Turns of the Year


By personally interrelating with the Ancient Knowledge of the Celtic Legends and Truths we recreate the knowledge inherent in that Truth/Legend - IN OUR OWN TIME. 

This program presents a method of meditation and Shamanic journeying which brings us closer to a relationship with the wisdom of the Ogham trees and enables us to encounter many of the characters and archetypes of Celtic tradition. 

You will not only work with the Ogham - you will also have an opportunity to work with the alternatives to the Ogham which are among the indigenous trees at your location.

The sequence of meditations/journeys in this class takes a  year and it is comprised of the four Celtic seasons or Turns of the Year - Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane and Lughnasa. 

By using the several individual meditations/journeys within each of the Turns,  we are able to allow the changing seasons to reveal to us our own soul phases - be they

  • fallow

  • creative

  • rewarding & abundant

  • or whatever is working within our lives at that time

as the meditations/journeys present the knowledge and wisdom to assist us on OUR PERSONAL journey/path.


To give a year to meditation takes a high degree of commitment, but the rewards will more than make up for the time commitment.  The Celtic tradition - like all paths of wisdom - covers a lot of information and it takes time & experience to fully understand.


By using Pathworking in vibrational tune with the Celtic Turns of the Year this program presents the opportunity for a quantum leap forward into your true Spiritual essence.


How Does This Class Work


There are 20 separate meditations/Shamanic Journeys which will be released for participants work according to the schedule below.    These journeys are available to you in 2 ways & price ranges

  • listening online

  • download of MP3

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to listen to and Pathwork bonus journeys throughout each turn. AND a minimum of One time each division (each individual turn) a meditation/journey will be presented in a live conference call format.


Each of the journeys will be used for meditative guidance during the TURN - see below for the dates of Each turn and meditations within the 4 Major Turns. 


This is an experiential class and as such you will receive from each of the journeys the information that is right for you.  It is suggested that you do the journey and journal after it - at least three times a week during the TURN; however, with busy lives being what they are - many previous participants have done each journey once or twice during the "TURN" and have gained much useful information and experienced significant Spiritual growth.


During each of the journeys you will


  • Enter the stillness of the Celtic Shamanic state

  • Interact with the Ogham tree which is associated with that Turn

  • Meet an Archetypal Celtic Tarot Court Member (King, Queen, etc.) who will guide you through  Celtic "storys/legends" which you will Pathwork - You will BE AND LIVE THE STORY by way of Shamanic journeying/meditation

  • Find and connect to the Wisdom contained within yourself and associated with this TURN of the YEAR

  • ask any questions you wish and receive extensive guidance

  • much more

The sequence of this class is - 1 meditation for each of the dates below - each of the 4 Major "Turns" has a theme which will be explored in the individual Shamanic journey - Celtic Pathworking - experience - i.e. 1 meditation from November 1 through 22, 1 meditation from November 23 through December 12. 


There will also be "bonus" journeys throughout the year and you'll have the opportunity to participate in other Celtic oriented ventures.


This class is based upon work done in the "Celtic Wisdom Tarot" by Caitlin Matthews and other Celtic, Druidic work based upon Rev. Wendi's the long history with and practice of Celtic/Druidic study. 


Each month the "cards" within the above which correspond to the meditation will be referenced and you'll be presented with additional audio and visual presentations which will further enable you to experience the depth this work presents.


Each participant will also be able to participate in a chat/bulletin board directly related to this class - to share experiences, ask questions, etc. 




  • November 1 through November 22

  • November 22 through December 12

  • December 13 through January 3

  • January 4 through January 17

  • January 18 through January 30


  • February 1 through February 21

  • February 22 through February 28/29

  • March 1 through April 4

  • April 5 through April 18

  • April 19 through April 30


  • May 1 through May 21

  • May 22 through June 11

  • June 12 through July 2

  • July 3 through July 18

  • July 19 through July 31


  • August 1 through August 21

  • August 22 through September 10

  • September 11 through October 1

  • October 2 through October 18

  • October 19 through October 31





It can be advantageous to begin this class on November 1 - at Samhain when the Celtic/Druidic year begins; however, you  may however begin this work at any point throughout the year and ALL participants who have done the work from a start point other than November 1 and then re-done it from a start point of November 1 note little if any difference.


ALL participants will have access to the course for 15 months  from the date they entered the program.


*** NOTE - Once each TURN, JOURNEYS will be presented LIVE via a conference call which will be recorded (live) and subsequently posted to the participant only website - in addition to the already prepared meditations which have been used for several years during live classes. 


These calls will be announced well in advance and are a way for all participants to blend their energies in a "live" format - there may be additional expense to you for a long distance call to participate in the live conference calls - participation is optional and is open to all levels of purchased for this class.


All Journeys are posted the 1st day of each of the DATES within THE TURNS (above) - you'll receive email a few days before with the Ogham information as well as any additional information for the upcoming journey.


Click the audio icon here to experience a sample Pathworking journey  (36 minutes long **** NOTE - this journey may take a few moments to load depending upon your Internet connection speed)



You have 3 choices for investment in this program as follows:


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$149.95 - ONLINE ACCESS ONLY                   



This option requires high-speed internet access as you will listen to the journeys via online streaming at a secure website.  You will NOT be able to download the journeys.  You will have access to the optional conference call journey! This option provides access for 15 months.


Click the audio icon here to hear Rev. Wendi's message about this course and to test your computers ability to access the streaming audio journeys.  If you experience anything other than hearing this message as if it were on the radio then this option will not be satisfying for you.


NOTE that You will not be able to download the journeys. 


You will have access to the optional conference call journeys and all bonus journeys!  This option provides access for 15 months.





The monthly subscription service is available via PAYPAL ONLY.  When you choose this option, you are committing to a monthly subscription which will automatically be taken out of your paypal account each month for a 12 month period of time - you will have access for 15 months - 3 months free.  If at any time your monthly payment fails your access will be interrupted UNTIL the monthly payment is made


This option offers exactly the same as the above online option and requires high-speed internet access as you will listen to the journeys via online streaming at a secure website. 


Click the audio icon here to hear Rev. Wendi's message about this course and to test your computers ability to access the streaming audio journeys.  If you experience anything other than hearing the journey as if it were on the radio then this option will not be satisfying for you.


NOTE that you will not be able to download the journeys. 


You will have access to the optional live conference call journeys & all bonus journeys!  This option provides access for 15 months.



$199.95  - MP3 DOWNLOAD ACCESS           




This option offers the above ONLINE Access and ALL bonus journeys & live conference call journeys




access to pages which are posted the first of each Turn containing the current meditation/journey in MP3 format which you will then download to your computer


Click here to download Rev. Wendi's message regarding this course.


Again, You will have access to the optional live conference call journeys & all bonus journeys!  This option provides access for 15 months.




Meditation requires only

  • your clear intention to enter the stillness

  • a willingness to learn

  • receptivity to change

  • and commitment to continue along your life journey/path (wherever that is for you) 

Meditation does not require that you stare into a candle for hours and be transported to some incredible "place".  Nor does it require you to be able to "see" the journey/meditation as if watching a movie, nor to "hear" what is taking place, nor to "smell" it, or "feel" it or to even "know" it.


All it takes is your willingness to allow whatever is appropriate to occur and to spend some time with yourself in an opportunity to grow and learn more about YOU - the real essence of YOU!


These meditations are guided in a rather general fashion; however each participant will experience what is of the highest good for them and no two participants will ever experience the same journey.


You should allow 30 to 45 minutes per session and you will optimally practice 3 or 4 times a week in a quiet place.


Keeping a record of your findings - be they "seen", "heard", "smelled" or simply "felt" or "known" -  is a wonderful way to chart the growth that is available from which you can choose or not.  This record doesn't have to be formal or an academic report - it can be as informal as you like.  Many previous participants have found that they include poems, funny observations, etc.







Some previous participants have had the following concerns:

  1. Am I doing it right?   - There is no right or wrong way to experience what happens in meditation.  Simply respect the evidence of both your inner and outer "knowing"/senses.

  2. Am I kidding myself?  - Meditation experiences are often quite powerful.  They may push at the boundaries of societies narrow attitude regarding reality.  The archetypes, figures, trees and Spirits you will meet during the meditations each EXIST.  If this concept bothers you then act "as if" they were real, until you learn to trust the evidence which will be presented to you.

  3. I can't visualize at all!  - There are many people who experience difficulty in what they perceive as visualizing - however, the full range of your senses is always available to you - touch, hearing, knowing - What kinds of feelings, fears and/or physical rushes of energy do you experience?  These are all ways in which many people obtain the information without visualizing.

  4. I'm just imagining this!  - Imagination is a faculty of the SOUL - imagination views unseen dimensions which are just as real as the physical world which we inhabit.  The truest and most potent of gifts for the seeker are the images of our dreams, poetry and song - out intuitive pictures and impressions of state, conditions and archetype.

  5. It's not going well.  I feel "vulnerable/disturbed/activated/upset"! - Living life on this human plane means that we will have a few off days when we should nurture ourselves by doing something ordinary and/or comforting.  Don't ignore the feelings as they may have great messages for us - it's simply that we can work with them when we choose and we don't have to "be" the feeling.  Additionally, we provide email support during the entire time of your work and will work with you to assist you in any way needed.




How many of can say in our spiritual journey that we are finished.  We are never really finished but our experiences short or long can forever change attitudes, thoughts and how we view ourselves and others.  Completing the Celtic Year is a wonderful, self discovery.  A journey of where you have been, where you are and where you are going.  Anyone who has an affinity to the Year, be it Wiccan, Pagan or other path the Spirits of Native Light Celt Wheel is wonderful.  If you are drawn to Ireland and the Celtic Path this is a wonderful addition to the Celtic Shamanic Journey course. 

This was so well done and an amazing journey that it would be an addition to anyone's studies.  I look forward to doing it again and again.  It is a dynamic course and it will be fascinating to discover how much I have changed over this past year.  Blessings to Rev. Wendi for providing us with a light at the fork in the road and providing us such a wonderful program to further our journey.  DM - East Coast, USA - October 2011

What a delight this program is.  Particularly after taking the entire World Shamanism Spiritual Light Warrior class.  The Celtic Turn of the Year not only corresponds to the "High Holidays" but it is a great deal of FUN with the added benefit that I learned wonderful things about myself and my abilities.  BF - Seattle, WA


GREAT CLASS! Just what I yearned for after having done the World Shamanism Spiritual Light Warrior work.  Pathworking the Turns of the Year was a wonderful opportunity to do even more inner journey work than ever before in a comforting and compassionate environment.  The opportunity to delve even more into Celtic Shamanism and pathworking was just a delight.  I cannot wait until the next class you do!  MH - Toronto, CA


I love the Celtic work - it was my favorite in the World Shamanism class - this program and the opportunity to spend a bit more time with each of the journeys and to overcome feelings of fear and vulnerability in a compassionate self-empowered way was the best part of this class for me.  The added benefit of having this work be Celtic in nature just could not have been better.  THANK YOU!  MY - San Jose, CA






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