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Using YOUR Intuition, Meeting Your Spirit Guides and Higher Self  and Consciously "Channeling" them and/or contact with them is a skill which can be learned while INCREASING your natural INTUITIVE/PSYCHIC ability. 

In fact, many people have found that channeling their Guides or Higher Selves is an important step in their Spiritual Growth.

This exciting course presents the opportunity to learn skills by doing them - and each of those skills builds upon the others to establish a solid connection with your Guides and/or Higher Self while obtaining a higher understanding of self-responsibility, will and higher Consciousness and increasing your psychic and intuitive abilities.

Advanced levels present the opportunity to explore the many different "types" of Guides, Knowledge and connections as well as the many different techniques and purposes in working with Your Guides and/or using your natural psychic ability.

Included in the advanced levels are opportunities to learn to use your skills to assist others in many ways such as: balancing chakras, past life readings, future life readings, and much much more


Learn to use your NATURAL Intuition, Conscious Channeling & Guide contact abilities from WolfWoman who has been in touch with her guides since childhood.  In a gentle and loving manner, using time tested ancient techniques, you will remember skills which are YOUR BIRTHRIGHT.

I have recently been guided to drastically drop the price on this program.  This is because of the fact that during this Time of Great Awakening, everything is speeding up, including the ability of people to do foundational consciousness raising classes on their own as Home Study.  My guidance indicates that the three modules of this Program are to be priced at cost as one of my contributions to the growth of ALL on Mother Earth.

If you want to verbally channel, mentally open your channel upward, connect with your Higher Self and other Guides, or refine your channeling abilities, Spirits of NativeLIGHT and Spirit Journey Academy's Meeting Your Spirit Guides - Channeling Level 1, 2 & 3 Workshops will give your training a quantum leap.

During this incredible series of workshops you will use simple and time-tested meditation techniques to learn deep relaxation, trance states and trance posture as well as expanded consciousness techniques.  You immediately begin working with YOUR GUIDES and YOUR HIGHER SELF in each level of the series and progress to working with Higher Guides, different sorts of Guides and to using your connection with them to advance your skills to the highest level imaginable.


This program is presented in three levels each of which build upon the previous skill set and each of which is a pre-requisite for the others.  Among skills/tools in these levels you will learn:


Meeting Your Spirit Guides

Level 1 Opening to Consciously Channel

  • how to tell if you are ready to channel

  • what a trance state is

  • how guides transmit messages

  • your role in working with higher beings

  • who the guides are

  • how to attract a high-level guide

  • to meet your spirit guide or Higher Self mentally 

  • to channel verbally

  •  to tune into another person for readings

Build Stronger Guide(s) Connections

Level 2 Improve Your Conscious Channeling

  • work with Angels and the Angelic Realm

  • to connect with either a new guide or a higher aspect of your original guide

  • to Journey to the Akashic Records to view your Soul�s records

  • to meet and work with Your Animal  Totem

  • to meet and work with the Fairies

  • to meet and work with the Elementals associated with Earth, Water, Fire & Air

  • to use Flame Reading for insight into your life

Advanced Techniques with Your Guides Level 3 Advanced Conscious Channeling

  • to connect with an even higher level guide or aspect of your Higher Self and learn more about your mission together

  • past-life readings for yourself and/or others

  • to read chakras by chakra or channel on chakras that are active and/or evolving

  • give more clear profound advice and guidance to yourself and others and achieve a deeper trance

  •  Explore mind-linking and future-traveling to learn more about the future of humanity


The CHANNELING COURSE is available only as a Home Study Option in the new eBook format.

Included in this course are ALL THREE (3) LEVELS of this course - including ALL information and exercises/meditation journey in eBook manuals in TWO OPTIONS

  • ONLINE access for Your lifetime - Investment $55

Includes manuals, exercises/meditations, unlimited lifetime email support for questions specific to this course, certification AFTER completion of the course material and completion of ALL necessary Case Studies, access to the Student Resource Center for a period of 1 year (contains supplemental manuals, free attunements, Student Only Specials & more)


The CHANNELING/MEETING & WORKING WITH YOUR GUIDES course (all levels) is now being offered ONLY in the following formats to which all of the courses authored by Rev. Wendi  are being converted.

ALL of the following contain all the information for each level of study contain all of the course material, all of the audio meditations/initiation and all forms for feedback from the course.  EACH eBook is either accessed Online (for a period of 6 months) or Downloaded (you have the manuals forever) and then must be activated with your personal activation code.

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This course is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.  I've taken 2 classes locally and paid a LOT more for them and neither of them provided me with the training, knowledge & confidence to do this work.  Not only have I learned to be in touch with my Guides, I'm now able to do channeling and Guide work for others in a range of capabilities that I never thought I could do. 

THANK YOU so much for this course.  It was worth twice the price! You and your staff were incredible with your quick and incisive support.  I have already purchased another course and will be taking even more very soon.  Thanks again for the personalized attention you and your staff offer.  It was like taking a private class. -  ZK - Canada - December 2011

Your lighthearted approach made this class fun and informative.  I learned a lot.  Thank you, thank you�I'm ordering the Level 2 & 3 class RIGHT NOW. PG�Seattle, WA

I learned so much, it is amazing.  Much more than I had expected and it has made a big difference in my life.  I'm now in touch with my Guides ALL the time and I can't believe the information I'm receiving.  All my friends are asking me to Channel for them and they are as amazed as I am. NC�Paris, France

Thank you so much, I am really looking forward to the Level 2 & 3 classes.  I don�t know when I last learned so much and had fun doing it. The material I received is so professional, especially after taking a couple of other (so called) Channeling classes - one of them in person I am just blown away by this class. Nancy - New York City, NY

Your workshops are fantastic, dynamic, loving, compassionate, fun and very moving.  The love and wealth of wisdom you share is amazing.  I highly recommend your workshops to anyone who is on the path of Spiritual  Growth. P. G.�Portland, OR

I've been working in the field of Divination for over 5 years and was somewhat amazed that I was called to do this course.  I received it - the packaging and the course is very professional by the way - and read through the manual, put the CD on and was immediately brought to tears of gratification as I re-established a connection which I had with an Angelic Being as a child.  Due to things that happened in childhood I hadn't been connected to this Guide since I was about 14.  All these 50 years later after trying and trying to reconnect and the first meditation on the CD with your course and the connection just happened.  I can't believe the LOVE that your voice projects and now after chatting with you I know that loving compassion is who you are.  THEN I had a Channeling Session with you and the information I received was amazing.  You are the most adept Channel that I have ever experienced.  JS - Crawford, CO