The stories of Crystals and Gemstones have many versions.  Legends and folklore regarding Crystals and Gemstones and their use date to the beginning of the human race, when it was believed that crystal forces set the electromagnetic field of earth so that human souls could incarnate.

Egyptologists and many other speculate that the Egyptian pyramids were capped with crystals to channel cosmic forces into these sacred geometric structures.  Legends and lore of the ancient continents of Lemuria and Atlantis state that crystals generated power for entire cities.  Some stories tell that it was the abuse of the crystal generated power which resulted in the destruction of those civilizations.

Most civilizations, cultures and peoples have used crystals and gemstones for many purposes, including healing, protection and the most powerful of initiations.

Even today, these stones are believed to provide beneficial properties which is why some people carry Crystals and Gemstones with them constantly.

 Additionally, with  the rising awareness of human consciousness, Crystals and Gemstones are being used not only for their beauty, connection to nature, decoration and symbolism of perfection, but also as a tool in healing - whether they are used by themselves or to compliment other modalities.

Rev. Wendi has been working with Crystals and Gemstones for many lifetimes and is a Certified Crystal Therapist and Teacher and has been called to share her knowledge of these wonders of the Earth with others.

Crystal Therapy as taught by Spirits of NativeLIGHT and Spirit Journey Academy is in two levels both of which are taught as HOME STUDY only.   After completion of the first level,  students are able to begin immediately using the knowledge they gained for healing purposes whether stand-alone or in conjunction with other modalities.  After completion of the Level 2 course students are able to use standardized techniques for identification of crystals and gemstones AND to use crystals/gemstones in highly advanced methods of healing.

Level 1 - Introduction to Crystal Therapy provides all information you need to immediately start using Crystals and Gemstones in different ways to assist in healing, meditation, stress relief and more, including:

  • Exceptional basic knowledge of how Crystals and Gemstones are formed and mined and how healing properties correspond to formation

  • Crystal and Gemstone history including past, present and future uses of Healing stones

  • Crystal and Gemstone shape and structure and how they correspond to lifestyle conditions and healing

  • How to choose the best Crystal and Gemstones for you

  • Crystal and Gemstone Meditations and Exercises

  • Care and Cleansing of Crystals and Gemstones

  • Tuning into Crystals and Gemstones

  • Charging and Programming Crystals and Gemstones

  • Basic layouts for use in healing and journey work

  • NOTE - the basic set of Crystals and Gemstones previously included with this course are no longer available due to extensive issues/loss with shipping and because a basic set of crystals can be obtained any number of places locally for students.

  • Each participant receives a comprehensive manual written by WolfWoman and Certification as a Level 1 Crystal Therapy Practitioner upon completion of the course - including Case Studies and final paper.

Level 2 - Continuing Crystal Therapy is open ONLY to those who have received Level 1 Crystal Therapy Practitioner certification through Spirits of NativeLIGHT and Spirit Journey Academy and  provides much additional information regarding the use of Crystals and Gemstones in different ways to assist in healing, meditation, stress relief and more, including:

  • The physical nature of Gemstones and Minerals

  • Gemstone and Mineral classes and properties and how they correspond to life on this Earthly plane

  • Mineral, Crystal and Gemstone Metabolism

  • Elements and their healing properties

  • Color of minerals, Crystals and Gemstones and the effect of color and healing

  • Astrological stone color connections

  • Crystal Therapy and Chakras

  • Layouts for chakra balancing, charging and healing as well as for personal meditation

  • Each participant receives a comprehensive manual written by WolfWoman and Certification as a Level 2 Crystal Therapy Practitioner upon completion of the course including Case Studies and final paper.

Investment for the Level 1 & Level 2 HOME STUDY cources is $150.  See below for details including price break when you purchase both levels at the same time.



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Each Level Includes:

  • extensive manual which provides ALL the information you will need to begin your practice and more.  Manuals are available in English, or machine translated to Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Norwegian

  • As with all classes unlimited lifetime support from Rev. Wendi for practitioners and teachers of this modality whether during training or beyond

  • Certification as an Crystal Therapy Level 1 Practitioner and/or Crystal Therapy Level 2 Practitioner after completion of course requirements - Case Studies and Final Paper

  • Beautiful Certificate which is suitable for framing sent to you in PDF format

Level 1 & Level 2 - $150 includes email (PDF) Certificates upon completion

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I've played with Crystal and Gemstones for years and have taken a couple of classes previously. NEVER before have I received such a wealth of information and none of the other classes (which were all more expensive than your classes) gave me the information in such a professional package too.  You are such a sharing and caring person - you have answered all my questions and more.  THANKS - I will continue to take classes with you and thank you for sharing this information with the world.  JD - New York City, New York


What a GREAT class.  The information you provide is exceptional.  I've taken so many Home Study classes in the past and so many of them are little bits of information on obviously copied sheets of paper with no support.  Your exceptional manual and all the information is so very professional and it is obvious that you have put in great amounts of time on these classes and are not doing this for the money.  I thank you for this class and have included a check for the second level with this letter to you.  MM - Brazil