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Experience the love and wisdom of the Dolphins and Orcas through Dolphin Trilogy Reiki.  This system of natural healing calls upon the love and energy of our beloved Dolphin and Whale community to heal the mind and the spirit.  It is especially effective in helping with emotional problems, addictions, depression, and those looking to remember their Sacred Song.  This energy can soothe any sadness the soul may be experiencing; by helping us release past trauma and forgive ourselves (and others).   It also facilitates the finding of our own truths and speaking them clearly in a compassion way.   You may notice the more playful, loving side of yourself coming out and a overall sense of connectedness that was not present before. You may also remember your dreams more vividly and  notice the Dolphin/Orca medicine is more readily available to you.


Dolphin Trilogy Reiki evolved from Dolphin Reiki, a Reiki based system created by Mark Scott to be used with individuals with mental retardation, autism, and depression.  It is typically used in conjunction with Usui Reiki and other energy healing modalities but may be used as a stand alone system. 

Dolphin Trilogy Reiki builds upon the energy and principles of Dolphin Reiki, expanding it to encompass three levels of healing:  Dolphin Healing Reiki, Orca Empowerment Reiki, and Dolphin Crystal Reiki. The Dolphins and Orcas shared this system with Shanti Johnson (founder of Dolphin Crystal Reiki, Dolphin Healing Reiki) and Rev. Sheryl Carter (founder of Orca Empowerment Reiki), through many meditations and close work within their realm for the betterment of all humanity. 

There are three levels to DTR each one having their own specific meditations, breathing techniques and symbol.  They are:


DOLPHIN HEALING REIKI:  This is the first level of Dolphin Trilogy Reiki. You can use Dolphin Reiki Breathing technique to center yourself and connect with the energy of the dolphins.  Through regular use of this technique, you will learn to circulate Life Energy throughout your physical and energy body.  It will enable you to transform suppressed negative patterns from your cellular memory and reprogram your cells, opening blocked energy pathways and increasing your vitality.  

ORCA EMPOWERMENT REIKI:  This is the second level of Dolphin Trilogy Reiki.  Orcas are the largest members of the dolphin/whale family.  The wisdom of the Orcas includes using the vibrational energy of song to heal; finding your soul song; soul memory; seeing the unseen; ability to seal soul fissures and energy leaks; connection with Creator of the Cosmos; the ability to convert raw matter into stars, planets, etc., freeing the soul from the physical body and much more. The Orca encourages us to heal by releasing our memories, taking deep breaths, and communicating through sound.  Orca Empowerment Reiki helps you in activating and working with the Soul Star chakra and bring back lost soul pieces.

DOLPHIN CRYSTAL REIKI:  This is the third and final level of the Dolphin Trilogy Reiki.  The magnificent energy of the dolphins combines with powerful crystal energy, to form an integrated whole healing system that can heal on a variety of levels.  

All of the above encompass the fact that the dolphins and Orcas need human assistance to clean up the oceans and protect all animal and marine life.  These three attunements are incredibly life changing and forevermore you will have a connection to dolphin/Orca heart centered love!

DTR is wonderful for any emotional or mental issues or any feelings of separateness and lack of wholeness.  It is wonderful for addiction, alcoholism, depression, acute sadness and primarily for forgiving ourselves and being the smiling, playful creatures we are meant to be so that we sing in joyful admiration!

I have been attuned by BOTH the founders so the energy is quite pure!


With your purchase you will receive all the support you need to complete this course and be confident in YOUR CERTIFICATION as a DOLPHIN TRILOGY REIKI MASTER. 

This course provides you with ALL the necessary information and practice to have confidence in your ability to use and share the exceptional tranmission/attunement to DOLPHIN TRILOGY REIKI  with others -

You'll receive completely re-typeset manual to correct grammatical, spelling errors, etc. - redone while retaining ALL the original information primary manual as well as other written information (see below). 

The course material for your purchase will be delivered via email which you will receive within 72 business hours after your purchase.  See the link in the purchase verification form or here so there is clarification regarding our business hours.

There are 3 attunements for this modality.

Please note:  None of the offerings on this website are not a substitute for a doctor's care or the care of ANY other medical professional. They are energetic supports meant to compliment, not replace, traditional medicine. No promise is made that any of these offerings will provide any physical health benefit for anyone. As a alternative Wellness and/or Vibrational Energy practitioner, there may be laws in your city, state/province or country that prohibit you from promising that you can treat physical illnesses. It is YOUR responsibility to fulfill ALL of your local requirements.

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Our least expensive option - best for those who have received previous vibrational modality attunements, empowerments, activations as well as significant  experience in providing sessions and attunements .

You receive:

  • Basic course manual as provided to us from the founder

  • Distant Chi Ball attunement sent when the manual and/or manual download information is emailed to you

  • Generic certificate as pictured below emailed to you in PDF format when the manual and/or manual download information is emailed to you

  • OPTIONAL purchase items include

    • access to the Student Resource Center for a period of 30 days

    • and/or 30 days of email support for questions SPECIFIC to the modality

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including PDF Certificate VIA EMAIL upon completion of attunement

Your Purchase Includes:

  • Basic course manual as provided to us from the founder

  • Appointment ONLY real time distant/etheric attunement provided to you by Rev.  Wendi

  • Access to our exclusive Home Study Guide which provides information, meditations and a thorough explanation of Case Studies (as well as forms for submission) and more

  • Opportunity to thoroughly practice with and master the energy of the modality by performing Case Study sessions and attunements and reporting on your experiences via Case  Study Forms provided in the Home Study Guide

  • Receive personalized feedback from the Case Studies you submit as well as answers to any questions you have

  • Unlimited lifetime email support for questions specific to the modalities you purchase

  • Unlimited access for 6 months to the Student Resource Center which contains

    • free online supplemental manuals authored by Rev. Wendi which contain significant information regarding the use of vibrational energy for self and others as well as to giving others attunements

    • free Full Moon attunements which are offered ONLY to premium purchase students

    • Student ONLY Specials

    • much more

  • OPTIONAL purchase items include:

    •  a Printed Copy of your certificate delivered via the US Postal Service for an additional $30 charge - please note that printed certificates are sent out once a week AFTER completion of courses - therefore the printed certificate may not be received for 10 to 14 days or more within the USA and 10 to 30 days or more international

    •  For those who prefer a more personalized attunement experience, there is a nominal $30 charge for telephone (at your expense) or internet messaging (video available, ICQ, MSN Messenger, AOL IM, Skype) attunements! 


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