Spirits of NativeLIGHT and Spirit Journey Academy offer all our courses as Home Study Certification Modules. Additionally, several are offered as ONLINE classes. 

Each Home Study Module includes the same manuals as are used in our live classes,   with meditations/journeys, if applicable, and ALL supporting materials. 

By incorporating our New eBook and/or Web-based Home Study Guide into each and every one of our courses, Premium purchase students have the ability to schedule all attunements/appointments and to provide all feedback and Case Studies required for certification via forms contained within the Guide.  This handy eBook also contains much additional information which previous students have found to be extremely useful.

Upon completion of your course and Certification you will not only have been attuned to the modality but have done both Session and Attunement Case Studies and have the hands-on experience necessary and the confidence to move forward as a Master of the modality.

Additionally, ALL Home Study Modules provide Unlimited lifetime Email support with Rev. Wolfwoman and there is a 1 year time limit upon your completion of the course.  ALL students also have access to several Supplemental manuals which Rev. Wendi has authored to assist you with even more invaluable information.

Home Study provides you with many opportunities.  Perhaps the most beneficial is that  YOU do the work when it is convenient for you - no artificial time constraints as with live courses.  You take whatever time is appropriate for you to complete the course & you have opportunities to practice and support every step of the way.  In our busy world doesn't this simply make sense?


All Students - whether live study, home study or online receive CERTIFICATION upon completion of study.

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