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KAHI LOA has been called �Magic Hands� and can be translated from the Hawai�ian language, more literally, to mean �the most effective rub or stroke with gentle pressure of the open hand�.

KAHI LOA �relaxes the bones by touching the skin�, thereby assisting the body to do what it does best - HEAL!!! 

It is a little known; but, very powerful ancient vibrational energy modality which was preserved by Native Hawai�ians, primarily  from the Islands of Lanai and Kauai.

This incredibly gentle modality is very connected with The Elements as they occur within traditional Hawai�ian spiritual culture.  It�s roots are in Ancient Shamanic Practices of Polynesia.   

KAHI LOA's purpose is to promote the free and abundant flow of life force in the recipient. This system is preferred by many students because of it's simplicity and ease of application.

When receiving KAHI LOA, one is surrounded in a cocoon of gentle compassion as the practitioner makes use of 7 Special Strokes which are extremely well connected with  Spiritually Guided Universal Life Force energy and The Elements.   Those strokes work, in an exceptionally effective way, to bring about deep relaxation and to open the energy pathways which assist the body�s natural ability to do what it does best which is heal itself.

It is the Loving Touch used in KAHI LOA that is sorely missing in our busy fast paced world.

While simple in nature, KAHI LOA contains depths that can produce profound and long lasting effects on the body, mind and energy of the recipient. It is an ancient healing system that is truly practical and effective in a modern day world. KAHI LOA is a very effective way to bring about relaxation and assist the body's natural ability to heal.

Touch seems to be an almost forgotten language even though it is the oldest form of healing known to mankind.  It has been used by Shamans Medicine Men & Women and Healers from all cultures for many centuries and continues to be a primary tool in the modern world. The sense of touch and feeling was the earliest to evolve in humans and is responsible for the development of our basic human qualities.

The Loving Touch is the key ingredient in effective KAHI LOA. Combined with the proper intent, deep focus, a calm, peaceful and safe environment, and enhanced with meditative music, the effects can be extremely powerful. Recipients may feel deeply relaxed and truly loved by nature and/or their Higher Self. They may experience profound awareness and insights or they may experience deep emotional release. It is always a highly individual and uniquely personal experience.

KAHI LOA seamlessly integrates into any other modality and brings new energy to your work. Whether used in conjunction with other modalities or alone, KAHI LOA allows practitioners to bring Ancient Hawai�ian Healing techniques and energies to themselves, their clients, friends and family in an easy to learn and use method which brings about Spiritual Blessings for practitioners and recipients.  Additionally, KAHI LOA is very well suited for work with babies, those who are recovering from injuries and elders who often are quite fragile and for whom a traditional massage or hands-on work is not comfortable. 

Rev. WolfWoman is honored to share this profoundly effective modality in an extremely reasonably priced HOME STUDY or ONE DAY Certification Workshop after which you will be fully qualified to immediately offer sessions to others.  Her wonderfully light hearted approach and depth of knowledge work makes your experience a �spa day� for you with the added benefit of receiving knowledge of using the exceptional energy of KAHI LOA for yourself and for others as well as becoming certified as a KAHI LOA practitioner.

Upon completion of this course you will know how to provide the space for the body to do what it does best which is to heal itself.  You�ll be able to provide immediate comfort and relief for any number of issues in the warm, lovingly gentle and fun interactive session environment which is a KAHI LOA.

Whether you are seasoned pro or a relative newcomer in the field of Vibrational Energy this class provides you with un-paralleled opportunity to add to the toolbox of your knowledge and skill set.

ALL KAHI LOA HOME STUDY materials are available as either a DOWNLOADED eBook or via ONLINE eBook access at a secure area on our website

Easy to learn

Easy to use

Certification and Training

How can you go wrong?




KAHI LOA HOME STUDY Training and Certification

*** NOTE that ALL KAHI LOA Home Study modules are either DOWNLOADS from a secure download page or as an ONLINE eBook Manual  (Logon and password provided AFTER your purchase)

When you purchase this course, you receive:

  • As with all Home Study Modules, when you complete the required attunement/initiation, case studies and paper you will receive a electronically delivered Certificate via email.  Optional printed certificate delivered via USPS is available for a nominal charge.

  • Attunements/Initiations are done remotely (you can purchase optional personalized initiation/attunement which is done via telephone, skype, internet messaging, etc.).  

  • Each level includes certification, all applicable attunements/initiations, extensive eBook manual and unlimited lifetime email support for questions specific to this modality from WolfWoman. 

  • Additionally, you'll receive 6 months access to the Student Resource Center AND you have 1 YEAR to complete the course

This course is offered as an ONLINE course or in a DOWNLOADABLE eBook format.  ****NOTE that there is a small downloadable eReader which is necessary to use EITHER of the eBook versions.  The reader is available for MAC users as well as Windows Users


INVESTMENT FOR DOWNLOADABLE version of KAHI LOA - $75.00   with this version you download the manual, activate it using your personal activation code (1 computer ONLY) and it is yours for life

INVESTMENT for ONLINE version of KAHI LOA - $45.00 - with this version you have access to the manual online after activation with your personal activation code - for a period of 6 months





The KAHI LOA course is now being offered ONLY in the new eBook format to which all of the courses authored by Rev. Wendi  are being converted.

The eBooks for each level of study contain all of the course material, all of the audio meditations/initiation and all forms for feedback from the course.  EACH eBook is either accessed Online or Downloaded to your computer and then must be activated with your personal activation code.


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Please note:  None of the offerings on this website are not a substitute for a doctor's care or the care of ANY other medical professional. They are energetic supports meant to compliment, not replace, traditional medicine. No promise is made that any of these offerings will provide any physical health benefit for anyone. As a alternative Wellness and/or Vibrational Energy practitioner, there may be laws in your city, state/province or country that prohibit you from promising that you can treat physical illnesses. It is YOUR responsibility to fulfill ALL of your local requirements.







Do I have to know Reiki or Massage to Learn Kahi Loa?

Anyone can learn and use Kahi Loa, no matter what their background. This is an excellent modality for couples or families. Kahi Loa is easy to learn and use. Practitioners and students range in age from 7 to 90+ years of age.


What is the live workshop agenda?

This workshop is presented in a warm and nurturing environment.  Kahi Loa is presented via demonstration and clear, lighthearted explanation which corresponds to the extensive manual which is presented to all participants. 

All participants have the opportunity for extensive hands-on practice during which ALL questions are answered. 

Additionally, Rev. WolfWoman is available for follow-up after the workshop should it be necessary.


What makes Kahi Loa different than other modalities?

Kahi Loa is a little known, but highly effective form of bodywork which is from the Hawai�ian  Shaman tradition.  It is highly flexible and can be used anytime. 

Kahi Loa works on the skin, not muscles.  Relief of tension in the skin has a reference effect on the remainder of the body, including the muscular, skeletal and energy body systems. Kahi Loa can be done standing, sitting or lying down, generally without oil, with or without jewelry and clothed or unclothed.

A study at the University of Miami with premature babies proved that a light stroking touch (with no special requirement for love or compassion) for 10 minutes twice a day had a great effect.  The children involved in the study gained weight more quickly and were healthier.  The touch was so effective that it is now a regular part of the hospital practice.

Kahi Loa produces rapid healing by relaxing tension in the body so that the body can carry on it�s own ability to heal.   Kahi Loa produces very substantial effects in a rapid manner and is so light and gentle that it is especially effective for the very young, the elderly  as well as those with conditions which are not conducive to more intense and deeper contact.



BG - Canada (Nov 2010) - Kahi Loa

This course exceeded my expectations.  Rev Wendi answered all my questions and was very thorough with her answers.    She has made it so by the time you finish all the requirements for the course you have a solid understanding of the modality and have plenty of hands on experience.  Other courses I have taken, even most in-person classes have not required Case Studies and practice.

The Home Study Guide is very convenient.  I knew exactly what was required to complete the course and sending in my Case Studies was so easy using the Guide.

Taking the class from Spirits of NativeLight and Rev. Wendi was a great experience.  Doing home study is so convenient and economical and I feel I actually learned more with this approach then if I had taken an in-person class, as it has taken me 3 months to learn the modality, fulfill the course requirements and feel 100% comfortable practicing it and Rev. Wendi was available the whole time.

Receiving feedback from Rev. Wendi was great as it built my confidence in using Kahi Loa.  She explains everything very well and it was great knowing she is a dedicated teacher who is always available to her students.

Thank you Rev. Wendi and Staff for all the time you have put into me learning Kahi Loa.  Until we do it again, take care and Thanks!


I am amazed at the knowledge which WolfWoman shares with us.  Just being with her makes me feel wonderful. I am stunned and gratified and Thank you  for all your assistance.  F. O.�Seattle, WA

I�ve taken many classes in Spiritualism & Mysticism and have never found anyone with such extensive knowledge as WolfWoman.  We are all blessed to have her available to share with us. J. G�Tacoma, WA

WolfWoman�s classes are liberating., empowering, relaxing, loving and high-energy.  I take all of her classes that I can and believe that everyone should have the gift of being in a class with her and experiencing such LOVE and LIGHT and Wise Woman Wisdom and Knowledge  K. G.�Honolulu, HI

WolfWoman�s caring manner is the ideal setting in which to study.  Her knowledge  is astounding and her willingness to share and her humble attitude are quite refreshing. Thank you!  S. G�Portland, OR

The workshops and classes which I have attended with WolfWoman have made a profound difference in my life.  I�ve taken many other classes none of which offered as much information as WolfWoman�s classes and none of which were held in such a loving environment.  J. B. - Phoenix, AZ

This class was phenomenal.  The intimacy, personal compassion and involvement of WolfWoman is exceptional. She is down to earth and makes each of her students feel comfortable and empowered.  My experience in class was wild and wonderful and completely fulfilling.  I loved it!  Kahi Loa works right into my existing Reiki and massage practice.  P. J.� Denver, CO

 Fantastic, dynamic, loving, caring, fun, moving�the Love and wealth of wisdom Wendi shared with us was an incredible positive experience.  I walked out of class ready to go to work after all the hands-on practice we did.  M. T.�Seattle, WA

 There is no comparison!  WolfWoman�s classes beat the other classes I took hands down!  This was a very loving, fulfilling experience.  There was so much energy and warmth, peace and healing.  SB�Ashland, OR