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Raku Kei is  the ancient science of self development and self improvement and it is believed that Raku Kei originated in Tibet.  Raku Kei Reiki encompasses the energies of the Fire Dragon and is often been called "The Way of the Fire Dragon".

Raku Kei Reiki was brought to the west by Arthur Robertson who studied with Virginia Samdahl (one of Takata's Master students) and with Iris Ishikuru (Takata's sister) who is credited with much of the information in this modality.  Rev. Wendi is in direct lineage of Arthur Robertson in several modalities in which she is certified.

The Raku is the vertical energy flow within the body, while the Kei energy flows horizontally. The two cross at the 'Hara' or solar plexus centre. In the Samurai ritual of 'Hara Kiri' it is this centre which the Samurai warrior would cut out, effectively cutting out the 'center of his being'. The cross formed by the Raku and Kei energy is the cross which represents the four Cardinal Points and four elements.

For centuries the Eastern belief systems have linked the dragon to the 'airy' or mental aspect of our nature. Mastering the Dragon energy is mastering the mind. The Chinese use the expression 'chasing the dragon' in opium smoking because dragons have always provoked fear in the weak-minded, but have inspired leaders and countries to adopt the symbol of the dragon as a powerful symbol of strength and fortitude. Speculation is that St George, the Patron Saint of England, most famous for his dragon-slaying, was actually conquering his own mental fears towards inner enlightenment.

Dragons have always been linked to having fiery breath by which they overcome their adversaries. It is this breath, with the fire being supplied by the RAKU energy that blasts away obstacles to a clear mind, thereby bringing understanding to the student and presenting a clear channel for the attunement to take place.

The seven major chakra points, the seven colours of the rainbow and the seven notes of the musical scale are all connected and balanced harmoniously with the various Raku Kei symbols to create a powerful healing and development key.

It is necessary that you be an attuned and certified USUI Reiki Master to take this attunement which is offered in 1 integrated Master Level.   Included in this course are:

  • History of Raku Kei Reiki

  • The Sacred Secret of Reiki

  • Kidney Breathing

  • The Breath of the Fire Dragon

  • Raku Kei Symbols

  • Master Symbol

  • Raku Kei Kanji Mudras

  • Antahkarana  Information and Meditation

  • The Seven Layer Auric Body System

  • Chart of the Seven Chakras

  • Initiation by way of HA-AHI-WAI - The Water Ceremony

  • The Raku Kei Affirmation

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With your purchase you will receive all the support you need to complete this course and be confident in YOUR CERTIFICATION as a RAKU KEI REIKI MASTER. 

This course provides you with ALL the necessary information and practice to have confidence in your ability to use and share the exceptional tranmission/attunement to RAKU KEI REIKI  with others -

You'll receive re-typeset manual and some addendums added by Rev. Wendi primary manual as well as other written information (see below). 

The course material for your purchase will be delivered via email which you will receive within 72 business hours after your purchase.  See the link in the purchase verification form or here so there is clarification regarding our business hours.

There is 1 attunement for this modality.

Please note:  None of the offerings on this website are not a substitute for a doctor's care or the care of ANY other medical professional. They are energetic supports meant to compliment, not replace, traditional medicine. No promise is made that any of these offerings will provide any physical health benefit for anyone. As a alternative Wellness and/or Vibrational Energy practitioner, there may be laws in your city, state/province or country that prohibit you from promising that you can treat physical illnesses. It is YOUR responsibility to fulfill ALL of your local requirements.

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Testimonials about this modality here

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RAKU KEI REIKI Home Study Course

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Our least expensive option - best for those who have received previous vibrational modality attunements, empowerments, activations as well as significant  experience in providing sessions and attunements .

You receive:

  • Basic course manual as provided to us from the founder

  • Distant Chi Ball attunement sent when the manual and/or manual download information is emailed to you

  • Generic certificate as pictured below emailed to you in PDF format when the manual and/or manual download information is emailed to you

  • OPTIONAL purchase items include

    • access to the Student Resource Center for a period of 30 days

    • and/or 30 days of email support for questions SPECIFIC to the modality

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Premium Purchase

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Purchase PREMIUM Course

including PDF Certificate VIA EMAIL upon completion of attunement

Your Purchase Includes:

  • Basic course manual as provided to us from the founder

  • Appointment ONLY real time distant/etheric attunement provided to you by Rev.  Wendi

  • Access to our exclusive Home Study Guide which provides information, meditations and a thorough explanation of Case Studies (as well as forms for submission) and more

  • Opportunity to thoroughly practice with and master the energy of the modality by performing Case Study sessions and attunements and reporting on your experiences via Case  Study Forms provided in the Home Study Guide

  • Receive personalized feedback from the Case Studies you submit as well as answers to any questions you have

  • Unlimited lifetime email support for questions specific to the modalities you purchase

  • Unlimited access for 6 months to the Student Resource Center which contains

    • free online supplemental manuals authored by Rev. Wendi which contain significant information regarding the use of vibrational energy for self and others as well as to giving others attunements

    • free Full Moon attunements which are offered ONLY to premium purchase students

    • Student ONLY Specials

    • much more

  • OPTIONAL purchase items include:

    •  a Printed Copy of your certificate delivered via the US Postal Service for an additional $30 charge - please note that printed certificates are sent out once a week AFTER completion of courses - therefore the printed certificate may not be received for 10 to 14 days or more within the USA and 10 to 30 days or more international

    •  For those who prefer a more personalized attunement experience, there is a nominal $30 charge for telephone (at your expense) or internet messaging (video available, ICQ, MSN Messenger, AOL IM, Skype) attunements! 


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JP - NY (Nov 2010) - Raku Kei Reiki

Rev. Wendi was with me and answered every question I had every step of my progress using this wonderful  modality.  Rev. Wendi conveys a personal touch that is lacking in most distant/online courses.  The Home Study Guide & Case Studies are great tools for students as it can be so easy to be attuned and not actually use the modality - it encourages one to use and work with the energies.  The work with you is Absolutely Wonderful and I will definitely take additional courses with you.