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I am very pleased to announce that I am now a teaching master of Sekhem, a  healing system related to Seichim and SSR (coming soon).  This system - carrying a strong connectional vibration to the Sirius star system - was practiced in Ancient Egyptian mystery schools and it's present incarnation is an outgrowth of Reiki and what was first known as Seichim - originated by Patrick Zeigler and added to by T'om Seaman, Phoenix Summerfield and Margo Deepa Slater, as well as by many others in the United States and around the world. The well known Sekhem logo of the water drops, the lotus, the infinity sign and the pyramid within the sphere was designed by Phoenix Summerfield and stands in lasting recognition of her contribution in bringing back the Sekhem energy. 

Sekhem is a system of healing and enlightenment taught and used in the ancient temples of Egypt over 5000 years ago. We know this through the references made to Sekhem in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and in ancient scrolls found in the ruins of the temples and the pyramids. At the height of the Egyptian civilization, wise men and scholars came from afar to serve an arduous apprenticeship to learn the healing arts and be initiated into Sekhem. Sekhem was represented in the language of the Temples by the hieroglyph, the sceptre, and is believed to have a connection to the Goddess Sekhmet, the Goddess of Healing. She is usually depicted with the headdress of a lioness. Sekhmet was incarnate on this planet, living in Memphis in the Saqqara area as consort to Ptah.  

This particular Sekhem healing system began when the energies were channelled again by Phoenix Summerfield who had taken Seichim to Australia. Through her work with Seichim, she developed a connection with the Sekhem energy and would have developed a teaching structure for it had it not been for her death.  It has been further developed, revised and expanded upon by Helen Belot, also of Australia.  My lineage is direct from Helen Belot via Robert Eliott, who has further gathered the information regarding this wonderful modality and brought it to the US.

It is, however, important to note that I am not a member of Ms. Belots association and will not be because of very important philosophical difference among which are my desire/calling to share energy systems with others are extremely reasonable rates.  There is also the political/legal "wrangling" which has gone on with which I will not be associated.  To read a statement by Patrick Zeigler regarding the version of Sekhem which I teach and "trademark issues" click here.

This Sekhem system includes a total of 22 symbols, many of which are part of Usui Reiki, Seichim and Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki (SSR) and other related healing systems. However, an expanded vibration is included with these familiar symbols and there are also 7 new symbols which are associated only this particular healing system.  These new  symbols open various multidimensional gateways and are a wonderful addition to anyone's healing "toolkit".  They are effective for healing others and yourself, as well as for healing the planet.

Anyone interested in expanding upon the frequencies they are able to access and work with will benefit from these attunements.  Additionally, those who have had the attunements for most, if not all, of the related healing systems that have evolved from Patrick Zeigler's original teachings, will find Sekhem a wonderful addition that brings together all of the systems that are available today.  

The system contains a series of between 3-5 attunements depending on whether the person receiving them is already a Reiki Master and the attunements may be completed in person or at a distance. Prior to this time, Sekhem has been available in the U.S. and many other location on the globe, only through Helen Belot and members of her association on a very limited basis for several thousand dollars for the total package.

Sekhem is a complete energy system that can be used effectively in the prevention and cure of illness, disease, anxiety and crisis. The Sekhem healing system has a very high vibration and a depth and penetration into body, mind and spirit that has to be experienced to be believed. The development of Sekhem is ongoing and the system changes and develops as individuals and the mass consciousness can support those changes. Although similar to Reiki in that it is channelled energy from Source, Sekhem is channelled in a different way and has a much higher vibration. Sekhem is extremely powerful and effective, it is most often also very gentle. The meaning of the word Sekhem is 'authority' or 'might,' but always in a spiritual context.

Sekhem is of the highest vibration of Reiki healing systems resulting in the energy penetrating to very deep levels very quickly as it works on our core issues and belief systems. Sekhem works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels simultaneously. The Practitioner asks for the energy to flow for the highest good and intention of the client. It is the recipient, through focus on their intention and what is required, who sets the purpose of the treatment session. In this way the energy of Sekhem assists the individual to take some responsibility for their own healing, growth and development. It is wise therefore to give some thought to what one really wants, and to ask for it in a context which is positive.

Through learning how to channel and use the energy of Sekhem, or simply by experiencing it during sessions, this wonderous and beautiful energy can transform your life.

Sekhem is taught in 3 levels - Practitioner 1, Practitioner 2 and Master Level.

***NOTE that the manuals are downloaded AND a copy of the CD of the original manuals as presented to me is also provided via download!   Manuals contain re-typeset information (by Rev. Wendi) - AND contain copies of ALL original Helen Belot material.

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With your purchase you will receive all the support you need to complete this course and be confident in YOUR CERTIFICATION as a SEKHEM REIKI MASTER. 

This course provides you with ALL the necessary information and practice to have confidence in your ability to use and share the exceptional tranmission/attunement to SEKHEM REIKI  with others -

You'll receive extensive manual containing all information for the system including original Helen Belot material primary manual as well as other written information (see below). 

The course material for your purchase will be delivered via email which you will receive within 72 business hours after your purchase.  See the link in the purchase verification form or here so there is clarification regarding our business hours.

There are 3 attunements for this modality.

Please note:  None of the offerings on this website are not a substitute for a doctor's care or the care of ANY other medical professional. They are energetic supports meant to compliment, not replace, traditional medicine. No promise is made that any of these offerings will provide any physical health benefit for anyone. As a alternative Wellness and/or Vibrational Energy practitioner, there may be laws in your city, state/province or country that prohibit you from promising that you can treat physical illnesses. It is YOUR responsibility to fulfill ALL of your local requirements.

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******For those who prefer a more personalized attunement experience, there is a nominal $90 charge for telephone (at your expense) or internet messaging (video available, ICQ, MSN Messenger, AOL IM, Skype) attunements! 

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KA -  Great Lakes, USA (April 2011) - SEKHEM Reiki

It has been a wonderful experience in growth, development and evolution.  All things were positive and I learned patience during this time.  Thank You again Rev. Wendi

I.A.N - UK (Sept 2010) - SEKHEM Reiki

It has been a wonderful blessing to have had the opportunity to work with Rev. Wendi (and I hope to continue working with her in the future) as indeed she is an enlightened being sent to Earth to Assist both Corporeal and Non- Corporeal beings to prepare themselves.

It goes without saying that the journey has been both replete with rewards and emotional. It was wonderful to have a fellow Healer of Light as a companion on this journey, whom not only made me feel welcome but  became a dear friend. Moreover Rev. Wendi enquired about my previous experience with healing modalities and background which I found a wonderful surprise.

 Finally the Case Studies: Healing Sessions, Case Studies and Attunements were a joy, not only to ensure the healing energies settled but in terms of better understanding the working of the healing energies. In as much as using them in the following categories: For Self Healing, Patient Healing, Distance Attunements for Groups, each day for the aforementioned categories present its respective alignment and exactly like each day presents various patients with various background. Thus constituting a marvelous opportunity to see how the healing energies respond to each person.

 It has been an amazing journey, one that I shall always remember. Rev. Wendi indeed is remarkable healer and a true telepath.