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This course is the Native American segment of the  12 Week Immersion Program - World Shamanism Spiritual Light Warrior.




It offers the student the opportunity of  Shamanic JourneyWork using Ancient Native American techniques.  You will gather YOUR Shamanic Tools, have the opportunity for initiations and much, much, more.




During this program you will:

  • Open and Close the Shaman�s Circle using traditional Native American Shamanic techniques

  • Work with Your Power Animal

  • Explore the information and experiences of the Medicine Wheel

  • Work with the Water Spirits

  • Explore the Song of Spirit

  • Meet one of Stone Spirits

  • Experience a Sacred Pipe Ceremony

  • Experience the wonder of the Prayer Stick

  • Experience Shamanic use of Feather(s)

  • Experience a Sweat Lodge Initiation

  • Experience Finding Your Center Within

All the ABOVE and more are included in this Introduction to Native American Shamanism course.  You will learn NATIVE AMERICAN SHAMANISM with gentle guidance in the most personally empowering way possible - YOU DO THE WORK.

This program is based on Native American Shamanic Journeys and is an especially gently introduction to Native American Shamanism. 

This course offers participants an unparalleled opportunity for personal transformation and growth and the opportunity to use this work to grow and expand as a Spiritual Being and to bring all that information into the Earthly realm for use on your mission - whatever that may be. 

Additionally, you have the luxury of doing this work at your own pace within your own time frame with no artificial time constraints.   It is the ULTIMATE in Home Study since the entire course is available for you well beyond the time time of your initial work and many who do this work find that they return to it again and again. 

This program is about YOU working for YOU when it is convenient for YOU. 

As a previous student said "this is the ultimate in Home Study - no artificial time constraints".

This is an experiential class with only as much written information as is necessary to present the concepts used during each Journey.

The work is done during GENTLY GUIDED Meditative Shamanic Journeys using Native American Cultural Shamanic components and it is designed so that each participant will obtain from each journey whatever is best for them at the point in time is is used. 

If you have ever been drawn to  NATIVE AMERICAN SHAMANISM this course provides an excellent opportunity for you to CONNECT on a level which is rarely surpassed while experiencing Shamanism from the perspective of World Cultures.


Hear Rev. WolfWoman's Welcome message to you ( by clicking the audio button    Approx 2 minutes long

Hear a Grounding Meditation by clicking the audio button   It is VERY important to GROUND yourself immediately after journey work.  It you have experienced ANY of the above sample journeys, please use either this meditation or your own method of grounding. This journey is just over 3 minutes long


Included in this COURSE are:

  • Includes over 20 journeys - over 10  hours of SHAMANIC JOURNEYWORK

  • Written information on all journeys and associated concepts

  • Applicable handouts

  • Extensive support & personal guidance - unlimited, lifetime email support

  • EMAILED PDF Certificate of Completion when you have completed the program and all required feedback and case studies - printed certificate available as an option for a nominal charge

  • Completion entitles you to participate in the Advanced/Continuation Programs (in some cases there are additional prerequisites)

  • Discount offers for Live and Weekend Intensive Shamanic Workshops and Conferences

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This program  is available only as a HOME STUDY course.

which allows no pressure from any other participant, no artificial time constraint


ALL in the privacy and comfort of YOUR OWN HOME

eBook ONLINE - $49.95 for 6 mths access

Online eBook (see below for eBook info) lifetime access

Included unlimited support via email



Each eBook manual for Home Study includes ALL of the course information, ALL of the accompanying meditation/initiation audio files (embedded within the eBOOK), ALL forms for feedback and Case Study submissions and/or instructions on when to access the secure are on our website ALL other information that you will need to complete your course and receive your certificate of completion.

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Please note:  None of the offerings on this website are not a substitute for a doctor's care or the care of ANY other medical professional. They are energetic supports meant to compliment, not replace, traditional medicine. No promise is made that any of these offerings will provide any physical health benefit for anyone. As a alternative Wellness and/or Vibrational Energy practitioner, there may be laws in your city, state/province or country that prohibit you from promising that you can treat physical illnesses. It is YOUR responsibility to fulfill ALL of your local requirements.




Teaching/facilitation using Rev. Wendi's material is restricted by copyright and other legal mean ONLY to those individuals who have achieved certification in ALL of the Shamanism Courses and who have applied and been INVITED to participate in the facilitation training courses.

Certifications for Teachers will be open to ALL who are qualified and called as determined after an application process and thorough interview with Rev. Wendi.

Use of this material by anyone else for teaching of others is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.





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WolfWoman, you have again brought some of our ancestral culture to the people who are being called by Great Spirit to do this work.  You are invaluable to all of us and this work will also be used by some of "our" people during our sessions.  Robert, Native American Substance Abuse Counselor


I have taken many Shamanic courses and am absolutely amazed at the Shamanic JourneyWork which you offer in this class.  I have found the "center" of ME and revisit it everyday and I have gathered tools which assist me not only during my Shamanic JourneyWork but also in my everyday life.  This is absolutely the best money I have EVER spent.  Janine, Journeying upon her Spiritual Path in Aspen, CO


This is the BEST course ever!  I am now going to purchase ALL the Shaman classes you offer and can hardly wait until the weekend intensives.  THANK YOU!  Elena, Great Britain