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Shamanic Program


Our Shamanic program continues to grow including online on-demand access rather than class dates for the World Shamanism Spiritual Light Warrior course, as well as availability of all classes in Home Study format. 


Additionally, while continuing to offer the 12 Week World Shamanism Spiritual Light Warrior Program we are now presenting most of this program as separate "Cultural" segments for those who are not comfortable making the commitment of both time and investment necessary for the entire 12 Week Program.


A Shaman is different than many other mystics in that a Shaman makes a journey (Spiritual/Meditative) for a SPECIFIC PURPOSE and/or END RESULT.


These classes offer the opportunity for each participant to work on their own self-growth in a non-structured self-empowering, spiritually responsible way while exploring concepts and exercises from Shamanism throughout World Cultures. 


As an introduction, both to Shamanism as well as to SHAMANIC JOURNEYWORK these courses are un-paralleled.


Through Shamanic JourneyWork the student is gently guided through meditative journeys based upon cultural Shamanic practices throughout the world.  Each of the journeys builds upon the previous journeys and each is designed for YOU to gain valuable experience and information which when put into practice in your daily life may be among the MOST EMPOWERING work you will ever do.


Each class is presented in Online and Home Study formats and due to the experiential nature of this program - students are able to immediately begin using the knowledge and wisdom gained in the SHAMANIC JOURNEYWORK for use in transforming their life.







  • Introduction to Shamanism Immersion Program 

    The World Shamanism Spiritual Light Warrior Immersion Program was initially offered in Online and Live formats as a 12 week course with specific class dates.   When taught live this class is still a 12 week class - whether 12 contiguous weeks or 1 day a month for 12 months.


    It is now offered in HOME STUDY format as either a download or online on-demand course. 


    This course is REQUIRED for ALL advanced Shamanic courses  and/or workshops.


    This course encompasses ALL of the following intro courses:

    • Intro to Core Shamanism

    • Intro to Native American Shamanism

    • Intro to Hawai'ian Shamanism

    • Intro to Celtic Shamanism

    • Intro to Eastern Shamanism


    • adds the additional component of an Advanced Extension component which includes several initiations including that of SPIRITUAL LIGHT WARRIOR

    Additionally, upon satisfactory completion of this course you are CERTIFIED as a Shaman Initiate & Spiritual Light Warrior and are fully qualified to take ALL Advanced Shamanism courses.

    click here for details regarding the Shaman Immersion Program



This class is an amazing introduction to Shamanism and Shamanic JourneyWork.  With over 12 hours of serious JourneyWork completion of this course enables you to move forward with Shamanic study and your life with more depth and speed.


Although it is not required it is HIGHLY suggested that those who haven't previously experienced Shamanic JourneyWork do this course before continuing with any of the other Introductory courses. This course is REQUIRED for ALL advanced Shamanic courses  and/or workshops.



  •  Preparing your self and Grounding

  • Achieving a Shamanic State

  • Exploration of the Lower, Middle & Upper Worlds

  • Find and Use your Power Animals, Plants Tools

  • Find and recover Soul Intrusions & Losses

  • Recover your Power & the "Lost Child" Pieces of your Soul

  • Explore Shapeshifting in many forms

  • Much More


click here for details regarding the Introduction to Core Shamanism course




This amazing introduction to Native American Shamanism and JourneyWork is among the most popular of the Introductory segments.  The many hours of journeys and significant Native American Shamanic work you will do in this class is well suited for use in today's times. 


Gathering the tools of the Native American Shaman as you take this course enables you to have and use those tools for yourself and for others immediately upon beginning this course and as you invest more time in this course, your Shamanic "toolbox" will grow with amazing speed.


With over 12 hours of Native American JourneyWork completion of this course will mean that you have used Ancient Native American Shamanic techniques to empower yourself more than ever and to bring an incredible peace to your life.



  • Learn to Open and Close the Native American Shaman�s Circle

  • Work with Your Power Animal

  • Explore the information and experiences of the Medicine Wheel

  • Work with the Water Spirits

  • Explore the Song of Spirit

  • Meet one of Stone Spirits

  • Experience a Sacred Pipe Ceremony

  • Experience the wonder of the Prayer Stick

  • Experience Shamanic use of Feather(s)

  • Experience a Sweat Lodge Initiation

  • Experience Finding Your Center Within


click here for details regarding the INTRODUCTION to NATIVE AMERICAN SHAMANISM course


You will explore and JourneyWork through many of the Ancient Celtic Shamanic Traditions as you receive initiations, meet Celtic Beings, learn the ways the Celtic Shaman views the world and much, much, more.


With over 10 hours of Shamanic JourneyWork you will complete this class with not only a thorough introductory knowledge of Celtic Shamanism as well as many tools associated with Celtic Shamanism which enable you to use them for yourself and others.

  •  Working with the Fey (Fairy) World

  • Exploration of the Seasons of the Year

  •  Exploration of the Celtic OtherWorlds � Under, Middle & Upper

  • Cave and Stone Circle Initiations

  • Vision Questing

  • Labyrinths

  • Exploration of and Initiations at the Healing Wells and Springs

  • Introduction to Celtic Pathworking

  • Much More

click here for details regarding the INTRODUCTION TO CELTIC SHAMANISM course  - you may also want to see our Celtic Turn of the Year course






For those with interest in Hawai'i and Hawai'ian Shamanism, this course provides more than the basics.


Additionally, the Shamanic JourneyWork done in this course provides the opportunity to work with Ancient Hawai'ian techniques - each of which is directly applicable to your life in today's times.


With over 6 hours of Shamanic JourneyWork this course provides a solid foundation for any further work with Hawai'ian Shamanism or the  Shamanic traditions of Oceania (see advanced classes).



  • Opening and Closing Shamanic Circles using ancient Hawai�ian Chants

  • Journeys to the Hawai�ian versions of the Lower, Upper & MiddleWorlds

  • Working with the Elements as used in Hawai'ian Shamnism

  • Working with your Hawai�ian Power Animal

  • Ho�oponopono � ancient Hawai�ian technique for restoring �right balance� of you with your Spiritual Self as well as with others

  • Much More

click here for details regarding the INTRODUCTION TO HAWAI'IAN SHAMANISM course





If you are drawn to Ancient 5 Element systems, working with the Buddha(s) & Ancestors - Shamanism as it is traditionally practiced in Far Eastern Cultures - then this course is the best introduction you can find.


Not only do you have the opportunity to grow in leaps and bounds and build yourself and your character to heights unknown - you will have the opportunity to work with Your Ancestors and also experience who YOU REALLY ARE.


With over 7 hours of Shamanic JourneyWork this course provides you with the information necessary to determine if Far Eastern Shamanism is of interest to you.



  •  Opening and Closing Shamanic Circles using the 5 Element system

  •  Exploration of the reverence with which Ancestors are held

  • Journey work for Spiritual Healing, Emotional Discipline and Trust in Your Inner Guidance

  • Make a pilgrimage for Your Truth

  • Journeys toward Trancendence

  • Working with several of the Buddhas to achieve Spiritual Awakening, Purification/Release, Overcoming attachment & unhappiness, Healing

  • Much More

click here for details regarding the INTRODUCTION TO EASTERN SHAMANISM course





Soul Retrieval Sessions

Rev. Wendi offers Soul Retrieval Sessions remotely via telephone or internet.

Sessions are based upon Ancient proven Shamanic techniques and are specific to the needs of each individual. 

Whether you feel as if some part of you is "lost", you have "blank" spaces in memory or simply want to Retrieve any parts of your Soul which have been mis-placed or lost just through living life, then Rev. Wendi's Soul Retrieval Sessions will assist you to recover the REAL YOU!

Investment for Soul Retrieval Sessions is $150 for 1 hour via telephone or internet.

For more information on these sessions, please send email to Rev. Wendi  






The 12 Week Immersion Program and many of Individual Introductory Segment Classes are prerequisites for the Advanced Shamanic classes which will be available and released very soon - and is the most thorough Introduction to Shamanism course you will find anywhere.






SEE MORE Testimonials on each of the individual Shamanism Training Pages


I learned so much it was unbelievable.  I especially enjoyed the meditations and the way the material was presented.  The meditations and explanations are exceptional.  The best part of all of this was learning to actually journey and to know that it was actually happening and that it was very positive.

Rev. Wendi is extremely knowledgeable and I like that she didn't divulge details to explain what I was experiencing; but, instead encouraged me to continue to journey and discover for myself the information that was available.

I'm recommending this course to all of my friends and am looking forward to continuing with the remaining Introductory Shaman courses. KG - United Kingdom - December 2012 - Intro to Core Shamanism


I have always been interested in participating in a true Shamanism course and to experience the many different Shaman cultures.   This course has helped me understand what I really need in my learning process which is experiential learning.  These meditations are very much like attunements, bringing in the energies of that particular area that we are working on or focusing deeper into the understanding of it.  Again, this resonated as it was very much for me about remembering what I already knew but had forgotten in this incarnation.  It is bringing back important sacred knowledge that will assist and augment my future learning.


It is an amazing 12 weeks and it is what prompted me to take the Celtic Turn Course.  I look forward to seeing more Shaman/Spiritual Light Warrior courses (advanced) in the future. Oh, and so I don�t have to say this each week, the overall manual is awesome, very helpful and the handouts are amazing.  It is so helpful in my other work to have such references.  Many Thanks.                                   


I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand Shamanism, take a Journey to find themselves and to set the groundwork for their path into Spirit.  I have done some of this work before through other classes and with my Spiritual Counselor, but doing it as a Journey provided more impact.  It gave time for it to process and the wonderful thing about it is if I felt the need to repeat it I could.  This allowed me to concentrate on areas that I was struggling with, either because of deeper issues or because it was a Journey I enjoyed or felt a need to repeat.


I am so amazed as I do the reviews and feedback for this course how so much of what I am working on is intertwined with the course, no wonder I keep coming back to the �AKA Healing course, all of this has been calling me for so long, I have been trying so hard to remember, I made it so hard on myself to remember.  It is time to DO!


Wow, done already, could not believe I made it to the other side!  All of these were so powerful they are truly beyond words.  Loved the Light Warrior Initiation, it was very powerful and left me wanting to do more.  I am thrilled that I have had this experience and that the Celtic Turn is enhancing what I have learned.  How thrilling that there is PathWork to continue the calling.


I have truly enjoyed this most amazing journey; it has been hard but rewarding.  I am truly grateful to you for sharing this with me.  I would highly recommend this to anyone who is searching for a way to really take that step onto the road of filling their lives with LIGHT!  DM - March 2011 - Shamanism Immersion Course


Feedback on the Shaman Course?  Where do I begin...this is by far the best course I have taken so far.  Your information was thorough and presented in such a way that it left little to question.  The journey's are setup in such a way that the way they build upon each other is awesome. This course went way beyond my expectations!  Rev. Wendi is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to Shamanism.  It is the only Shamanism course I recommend.  When they ask, Where did you learn that?  I say from Rev. Wendi!!  I love the quick response from the questions I had. I am so pleased and happy to have been a part of this study in Shamanism.  I feel more confident and satisfied than I have ever felt before. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and I look forward to the advanced coursesTK - February 2011 - Shamanism Immersion Course


I must say that I am so impressed with your course on Core Shamanism that I can't wait until I can further my studies.  I also want to take about 15 other courses that I have seen.:)  I have taken two other courses in Shamanism and they have nothing as thorough or thought provoking as to the one I have just received.  I feel I have been given a true gift.    TK - March 2010 - after purchase and download of the Intro to Core Shamanism course


I thoroughly enjoyed the freedom of experiencing each journey offered in this course and look forward to continuing each of them.  Wendi has such a soothing voice as she leads each journey and I love hearing her chant. She clearly is knowledgeable about and has experienced the material she presents.  This class offered me the opportunity to journey through my consciousness to obtain guidance and messages that are very timely and needed. The meditations are peaceful and offer freedom and peace to explore one's consciousness for helpful information presented my higher consciousness and guides. It is definitely valuable for achieving balance of energy and spirit.  Thank you so much for a great experience. My interest in Hawaii Huna studies has certainly increased!    DP - March 2010 - after completion of the Introduction to Hawai'ian Shamanism