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LS - Canada - Sept 2017 - HUNA Level 2

The most fascnating and extensive course I have taken to date.  It has surpassed anything I had envisioned and I truly feel blessed to take this with such a wonderful teacher. 


The most positive experience I have had in level 2 is that now I have a better grasp and understanding.  I now have tools and techniques to help me stand without judment, how to release any I had carried resentment towards.  I now have an understnading of how the elements are fundamental in this work, in our life.  The postive experiences were many and the connection while chanting and doing the various exercises with the Hawaiian Gods and Goddesses is something I will never forget. journey is just beginnning with Spirits of NativeLight.  After Huna I am def taking the Ancestral Healing.  I truly feel that I was led to Rev Wendi through divine intervention when I asked the angels to find me the right teacher for the next step of my journey.  I knew I was to learn Huna but needed exactly the right teacher.  I feel our journey is all about learning and we never stop learning.  Thus after Huna and Ancestoral Healing, I will see where the heavens direct me next and Rev Wendi has so much to offer that I am interested in and fascinated with.  Healing is my passion and all healing modalites interest me as we can incorporate them in magical ways to blend and use them together.


LS - Canada - August 2017 - HUNA Level 1

This course went above and beyond what was advertised on the webpage.  It was detailed and in depth and yet at the same time easy to understand and follow.  It far exceeded my expectations.  Simply amazing.

Rev Wendi was fantastic to deal with.  She always was quick to correspond with an answer to any question I had.  Her knowledge of Huna is extensive and really gets you in touch with what the true meaning of Huna entails.  A wonderful course and I would suggest her courses to anyone who wishes to advance on their spiritual journey.

Lots of hands on and practice and lots of details regarding the importance of taking the time and energy to put time and effort into practicing the Huna exercises to better your experience. 

It was far more detailed than I expected and it really gets into the heart of what Huna is all about.  The details and descriptions were far more intense and I felt it showed the importance of not doing things quickly but that time and practice was needed in order to fully give this Huna teaching its due.

The attunement or initiation was amazing.  The walk with Pele and the Night Marchers was so amazing and hard to even explain.  It was so much more than any attuenment I have had to date with Usui Reiki and Kundalini.  It was mind blowing.

I cant wait to continue from level 2 to 5.  I also want to take the ancient healing course as well.  That's the next step of the journey to go hand in hand with the Huna training.  I love it!

    EA - Saudi Arabia - December 2012 - HUNA Level 1

This is a very powerful class.  It explains many things that aren't part of other energy schools.  I very much enjoyed the nice meditations which give me more power and allow me to have more relaxation.

This is a very powerful schools.  I've studied with many different schools and this is the best for me because of the learning in this class and the contact and feedback with an Excellent and very generous Master.

I will continue my study with you and have just purchased the Level 2 course.  THANK YOU!

G-KG - United Kingdom - December 2012 - Intro to Core Shamanism

I learned so much it was unbelievable.  I especially enjoyed the meditations and the way the material was presented.  The meditations and explanations are exceptional.  The best part of all of this was learning to actually journey and to know that it was actually happening and that it was very positive.

Rev. Wendi is extremely knowledgeable and I like that she didn't divulge details to explain what I was experiencing; but, instead encouraged me to continue to journey and discover for myself the information that was available.

I'm recommending this course to all of my friends and am looking forward to continuing with the remaining Introductory Shaman courses.

1.      GW - USA - November 2012 - HUNA Level 1

I really enjoy studying Huna and find it very interesting.  I feel that Huna is ever more powerful than anything I have done and I also feel that I have a better relationship with my unconscious mind.

I can change my reality a lot faster.  I have noticed that my limiting beliefs are coming up a lot easier and that I can get rid of them a lot faster.  I don't sit and wait anymore.  I take action a lot faster.

It  feels like my life took a turn even better than before.  Any issues feel like they don't seem as big of a deal since I have the tools to get rid of them so I can change my projections.  My study has helped me to keep focused on what I want, on where I am going, on new possibilities.  It has helped me to trust unconditionally in how it is going to work out.  I know that at the end my intention is coming to fruition.

This has been special and I will continue my studies with you.  I am looking forward to Huna Level 2.


AD - USA - September 2012 - HUNA Level 1

I have enjoyed the HUNA Level One course immensely.  I have experience with other HUNA  courses (primarily through audio) and have also read a great deal by several authors so I did have a basic understanding of the philosophy prior to taking this course; however, this course introduced me to new material and was also helpful incorporating what I have already learned to a deeper level.

I had read a lot about various forms of "The Secret" and has an understanding of the concepts; but what was missing in other courses was the HOW and WHY of the work.

Because of this course and the MANAFesting course, I have a far greater understanding of why I have the experienced I do, why I attract certain situations into my life or experience repeating patterns and why I experience the breadth of emotions that I do.  Now, with the tools in this HUNA course I am able to heal and transform the outmoded thoughts, beliefs and perceptions that no longer serve my highest potential.  It isn't always easy; but, it is possible and I have experienced tremendous breakthroughs with HUNA especially in the realm of understanding the true origins of my emotions.

I am definitely going to continue with HUNA Study.  This course has helped me tremendously to deepen my understanding of the technology underlying this philosophy, why and how it works.  I have been studying HUNA in one form or another for years; but, this is the first time that I understand it and have the practical tools to put to use in my life and see results.

This work is the closest I have come to feeling as if I am part of a Mystery School and returning to remembering what is was I once knew.

CDD - USA - September 2012 - HUNA Level 1

This course more than met my expectations.  Rev. Wendi is comprehensive and unique.  She gives personal responses and is gracious with her meditation and time!  She is very knowledgeable and I cannot believe how much Rev. Wendi knows and is connected with.

I very much enjoyed the opportunity to practice and use the knowledge.  I got to see my experiences on paper and it made more sense to me after writing it all out.

I highly recommend this course as if you can experience and appreciate a training where you get to work at your own page and in your own time, this class is perfect for home study.

Every experience with this class have been positive.  Rev. Wendi was very gracious with the time it took me to finish and I am now wanting to begin and complete Level 2 just as soon as possible and cannot wait to sign up for Level 2.

MMM - USA - April 2012 - Money Reiki

I love the variety of online classes available and I love that everything is web based!! Rev. Wendi and her staff are so professional and wonderful to work with.

Money Reiki has become my favorite modality of Reiki.  It is such a light, peaceful, flowing energy that I have grown to love.  The symbols are easy to learn and easy to connect with.

When I signed up for Money Reiki, I was not exactly sure of what to expect.  My intentions were to find a way to work with myself and others on removing the blocks that we endure toward money.  I knew that money was energy, the way we are all energy but what I couldn�t understand was why this energy had so much �power�.  The attunements began with Rev. Wendi and my perception started to change.  I realized my energy was counteracting against the energy of money therefore, I was pushing this energy away.  I knew that I wanted more money but I was focused on the lack of money rather than trying to attract the energy to me by celebrating with gratitude the blessings that came to my daily. 

Money Reiki has changed my life.  In working with this modality of Reiki I have removed blocks in my energy field that had been holding me back for many, many years.  I have also been able to work and help people to remove their blocks so that they can also move forward in life.  Money is here to help us experience life as an exchange for what it is we desire. 

Thank you for sharing this wonderful journey in my life. I am anxious to take other courses & I look forward to continuing our work together.  Thank you for your professionalism and for your belief in all your students.  Light and Love, always.


ON - USA - March 2012 - Ama Deus Shamanic Healing

I wanted to learn about Ama Deus because I am interested in Shamanic-based/Shamanic-inspired healing, especially from types of Shamanism that are based in Latin America.  My expectations were that I would learn about this interesting form of energy healing, and that I would be able to share this strong healing energy with others.  I was especially curious about the idea of unconditional love from God being used for healing, and I found it remarkable that there were so many types of healing that could be done using Ama Deus.  I also found it very interested that Ama Deus could be used for things other than healing, such as helping to facilitate a positive interaction when visiting a friend.

The attunement and doing self-sessions had a profound and positive impact on my life because it helped me develop a stronger connection to the unconditional love of God and feel more connected to Spirit.  I also felt a strengthening of all the other energy modalities which I know, such as Reiki.  I now have a much more powerful sense of how love can truly help me heal myself, and help me channel healing energy to others.  Learning Ama Deus has also piqued my interest in more serious study of Shamanism and Shamanic forms of healing.

AD - USA - March 2012 - AKA' Healing Level 1

The course surpassed my expectations and inspired me to move onto the next level.  Rev. Wendi is compassionate, patient and knowledgeable. I found her easy to approach with questions and appreciated her challenging me to "get out of my own way." I learned not only a great deal about course work but a great deal about myself as well.

I have taken a self study/home study course before but not online, only through CD's. It was not nearly as detailed nor was there access to the teacher for questions/feedback.I have studied  Huna with Serge Kahili King via home study as I described above. I found the online training with you preferable because  of the level of interaction via email and all of the feedback.

I loved learning about the depth of my control issues and how it impedes my progress. Also, learning about the sacred symbology, breath work and being introduced to the plethora of guides that surround me and assist me on my journey. 

I will take more courses with Rev. Wendi because effectiveness is the measure of truth and I have benefited greatly from her teachings thus far. I am looking forward to taking the next AKA level course as well as the Huna course.

Mahalo for your teaching, your compassion and your patience!

NK - USA - January 2012 - Akashic Records Reading

Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing me to preview this course.  It is Incredible.  Combined with the Meeting Your Guides course I now have all the information and skills I need to do readings for others.  WOW, your courses are SO great.  There is NO comparison between your courses and those offered by so many others.  I can't believe I've spent so much money on other courses which provided me with no skills and so very little on your courses which give me all I need and more.

Additionally, the support you and your staff offer make Home Study with you just like taking a private class.  I cannot say enough about the exceptional support you offer. 

RB - USA - (January 2012) - Kuan Yin Healing

I found that this course opened a wonderful door for me, and that I received the structure and guidance to explore it, and the freedom to have my own experiences.   I found Rev. Wendi to be knowledgeable and wise. 

The Home Study Guide is clear and helpful in terms of its information and in terms of having the forms needed to complete the course.  Its user friendly and I found that submitting the case studies and receiving feedback on them kept me processing my experiences, and gave me truly personalized training..

 I received a great introduction to the healing modality, that the online and distance format allowed me to work with my own schedule and commitments, and that I received personalized attention.  This was in no way less personal than a face to face training, and being able to do it at my own pace made it less stressful than attending a workshop.

ZK - Canada - (December 2011) - Intuition, Conscious Channeling & Meeting Your Guides

This course is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.  I've taken 2 classes locally and paid a LOT more for them and neither of them provided me with the training, knowledge & confidence to do this work.  Not only have I learned to be in touch with my Guides, I'm now able to do channeling and Guide work for others in a range of capabilities that I never thought I could do. 

THANK YOU so much for this course.  It was worth twice the price! You and your staff were incredible with your quick and incisive support.  I have already purchased another course and will be taking even more very soon.  Thanks again for the personalized attention you and your staff offer.  It was like taking a private class.

DB - Canada - (December 2011) - Attraction Reiki

I had never heard of Attraction Reiki.  I wound up signing up for it as it was part of a package you were offering with Money Reiki.  I am very glad I did!  I have noticed over the past few months, especially when first attuned, that I was attracting more to myself.  Mostly more effortlessness.  Everything seems to flow more easily.  I seem to be able to manifest more easily as well. 

I would like to thank you for your support and patience with me.  I know it must feel disjointed at your end.  I would also like to thank you for your feedback on the attunements and treatments.  Especially with regards to my experiences.  It was good to get your feedback with regards to not being grounded.  I appreciate all the supporting materials you provide.  Thank you.

The online support was  timely, consistent, personal and much appreciated, the certification process was much more extensive than any others I have run across, especially for an online course and my overall experience was Very good.  I feel you care about what you do and that you are committed to quality.  I did not get this feeling from most of the other sites I visited looking for a Money Reiki course.   Again thank you very  much for everything Rev. WolfWoman and your support people.  The experience felt very individualized.

NM - USA - (December 2011) - HUNA Level 1

It was intensive but a great learning experience.  Huna is a great way to understand the universe and how it works. I have rediscovered myself.  I am more in touch with my own divine presence and the oneness of all beings. I Love the actual "teaching" that takes place. This course exceeded my expectations and I look forward to advancing through the additional levels of Huna.

YM - Japan - (November 2011) - Abundantia Abundance Ray

I had taken this course from another teacher who gave me no support and I didn't understand how to use the energy.  My goals have been accomplished with the teaching and feedback from Rev. Wendi and her support staff.   The support and explanations about using the energy was much more than I expected!!  I have learned a lot of knowledge.

This is the first time I have used this type of home study tool, the Home Study Guide, and it is wonderful!!

The most positive experience for me was the feedback I received from Rev. Wendi when I turned in the Case Studies.  It was a beautiful surprise to me.

ON - NJ, USA - (November 2011) - Money Reiki

I love that this course helped me to be more open to the spirituality of money and to observing the synchronicity that is possible once you are in tune with it.  I have learned so much from all the courses I have taken so far and I really like the case studies and I like that Rev. Wendi and her staff respond so promptly.

DM - USA - (October 2011) - Celtic Year Turn

How many of can say in our spiritual journey that we are finished.  We are never really finished but our experiences short or long can forever change attitudes, thoughts and how we view ourselves and others.  Completing the Celtic Year is a wonderful, self discovery.  A journey of where you have been, where you are and where you are going.  Anyone who has an affinity to the Year, be it Wiccan, Pagan or other path the Spirits of Native Light Celt Wheel is wonderful.  If you are drawn to Ireland and the Celtic Path this is a wonderful addition to the Celtic Shamanic Journey course. 

This was so well done and an amazing journey that it would be an addition to anyone's studies.  I look forward to doing it again and again.  It is a dynamic course and it will be fascinating to discover how much I have changed over this past year.  Blessings to Rev. Wendi for providing us with a light at the fork in the road and providing us such a wonderful program to further our journey.

 ON - NJ, USA - (October 2011) - Abundance Flush

The clearing from the Abundance Flush feels great!  This was the 3rd modality in a package of Abundance Modalities, and I would describe the whole package as life-changing because it has completely changed my mindset to become more grateful and more optimistic

My expectations were that I would get a lot of clearing of negative or stagnant energies, feel more optimistic, feel less burdened by things that don�t really matter in the Grand Scheme of Things, and experience more abundance and gratitude as a result. This class met, and surpassed, expectations. 

I have completely changed my outlook on life, and have experienced so much abundance already � a raise, an unexpected gift of money I was able to use to buy my sons some warm clothes for Fall, unexpected discounts on services just because I smiled a lot or was polite (!), and a large tree fell on my property, but somehow inexplicably missed my veggie garden that was right in front of it.

I have enjoyed the entire Abundance Package very much and would gladly recommend it to others. I especially like the way that the courses are taught with lots of practice to do sessions or attunements for others, lots of feedback from Rev. Wendi, and with a final paper that makes you reflect on the modality you have learned. This makes the coursework feel very substantial and like you are getting way more than your money�s worth. Thank you so much for your time and knowledge in teaching me!


ON - NJ, USA - (September 2011) - Abundance Prosperity Reiki

I was drawn to this modality because I was interested in learning how to bring more abundance into my life.  My expectations of learning more about gratefulness and abundance were met in this course of study.

The attunement to Abundance Prosperity Reiki has impacted my life by opening my eyes to the abundance that is already present in my life and it has made me more intuitive so that I am in the right place at the right time in situations that bring me more abundance.

I have also become considerably more focused, especially when it comes to work and study and for that I am most grateful.

The most positive experience I have had is that during this course, some things finally started to make sense to me in terms of energy. For example, I started to experience feeling more out of my body as the energy took control.

I would recommend these courses to anyone because I have enjoyed learning the new material, and it's obvious that Rev. Wendi and her staff are knowledgeable and work very hard to respond to you.

Received after completion of first course (August 2011)

Hello Rev. Wendi!

Thank you very much! I enjoyed the course, and I am looking forward to the others I have signed up for! And now that I know just how great the courses are, I will be signing up for more over the course of the next year.

ON - NJ, USA - (August 2011) - Abundantia Abundance Ray

Receiving the Abundantia Abundance Ray attunement and doing daily self-sessions has literally changed my life.  I can't stop gushing about it to friends, and they've all been asking for attunements or sessions because they see the change in me.  I went from someone who felt heavy and worried, to someone who feels light and happy.  Instead of looking down to the ground when I walk, I look up to the sky and the trees.  I have a different perspective on life now.  I have everything I need and more.  And I truly believe the Universe will continue to provide all I need as long as I stay positive and practice gratitude and affirmations of abundance.


Other good habits I have learned during the course, such as ground and the bubble of white light form the Home Study Guide have also helped tremendously.  I am also very impressed with the level of detail in the guides which are offered to students for doing sessions and attunements.  I have done other energy healing modality courses and was not taught sessions and attunements as well as I learned in this course.  I really appreciate that part of the certification is becoming confident in doing sessions and attunements for others.


MB - Ontario, CA - (June 2011) - Dowsing Course

Incredible, Great, Stupendous course.  It is worth way more than you charge!  I've studied dowsing and pendulums for several years and I have always had many questions which nobody could seem to answer.  Every single one of my questions are answered in this   Additionally, the exceptional student support you and your staff offer is unbelievable.


This course is much better than any of the in-person courses I have taken (not to mention much less expensive) AND I got much more personal support than I've ever before had. The eBook is fantastic.  I've seen the charts before but most are offered with no explanation.  This course not only contains charts but thoroughly explains every single one of them. Additionally, the Student Resource Center is fantastic and I've very much enjoyed the monthly free attunements which you offer for students.   Thank you, Thank YOU for this wonderful course.  I'm now getting ready to sign-up for two more courses for you.

DM - USA - (May 2011) - Free Full Moon Attunement - Morning Dew Reiki

Thank you so much for offering these free Full Moon attunements for those of us who are your students.  I just love each and every one of them.

This is a great modality and was an amazing attunement.  Even as this is written I can feel the cooling affects of this energy calming me.  It is a great modality for Reiki Rain and not just for a morning cleanse.  I think that this is a great modality for clearing not just the aura and the subtle bodies but just a stress relief type of energy.  I really enjoyed the attunement and using this energy, it has a cool, calming affect.  I have used it when I have been tense or stressed over a situation and I feel a cooling feeling as if there is a fan or air conditioner blowing directly over me, but additionally, there is a clean feeling where you feel like rain drops, a light gentle rain is falling.  This is a great daily energy as well as an energy that would be a great boost to other modalities during a healing session.  I know I will use this often.

SL - Canada - (May 2011) - RaSheeba Healing

Rev Wendi was very thorough and detailed in her feedback. I received much more personal attention than in a live course. I was very pleased with the Rev Wendi's knowledge and all of the course material.  All the course material and set up was easy to use and handy.  It was the best course I have taken and the feedback from Rev. Wendi was all very insightful and extremely helpful to me.

NM -  USA (May 2011) - MANAFesting Your Future

Rev. Wendi  I am so thrilled with this course.  I spend almost every waking hour possible on this course.  I have never felt  this free and relieved and happy and content ever before.  I feel fantastic.  I feel in control of my life instead of my life controlling me.  My daughters have commented on how happy I am.  I don't get upset any more.  I had tons of fear and limitation to release Anger was a big one too.  Its awesome not to feel guilty anymore  I feel alive.

 I plan on repeating this completely through as many times as possible. I'll be a pro at my life -finally. 

Thank you soooo so much Rev. Wendi- You are gift from God --I can't get enough. I was starving for this information.   Plus there's an awesome synergy going on.  it's totally freaking awesome.  Thank you again.  I'm glad God led meIto you. 

Thank you for this amazing course.  I think I'm going to be OK now--LOL!!!  This is not like the "Secret" or other manifesting guides out there.  This is the BEST.   Everything else is incomplete or they have no clue really what they're taking about and they hope whoever reads their information is clueless enough to not know they have no clue as to what they're talking.  This really gets to the root of all the "stuff" in life and offers a cure rather than cover or masking the problems.  It allows you to be totally honest with yourself. Plus, I know I've learned so much about myself.

KA -  Great Lakes, USA (April 2011) - SEKHEM Reiki

It has been a wonderful experience in growth, development and evolution.  All things were positive and I learned patience during this time.  Thank You again Rev. Wendi

DM -  East Coast, USA (March 2011) - 12 Week Shamanism Immersion

I have always been interested in participating in a true Shamanism course and to experience the many different Shaman cultures.   This course has helped me understand what I really need in my learning process which is experiential learning.  These meditations are very much like attunements, bringing in the energies of that particular area that we are working on or focusing deeper into the understanding of it.  Again, this resonated as it was very much for me about remembering what I already knew but had forgotten in this incarnation.  It is bringing back important sacred knowledge that will assist and augment my future learning.


It is an amazing 12 weeks and it is what prompted me to take the Celtic Turn Course.  I look forward to seeing more Shaman/Spiritual Light Warrior courses (advanced) in the future. Oh, and so I don�t have to say this each week, the overall manual is awesome, very helpful and the handouts are amazing.  It is so helpful in my other work to have such references.  Many Thanks.                                   


I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand Shamanism, take a Journey to find themselves and to set the groundwork for their path into Spirit.  I have done some of this work before through other classes and with my Spiritual Counselor, but doing it as a Journey provided more impact.  It gave time for it to process and the wonderful thing about it is if I felt the need to repeat it I could.  This allowed me to concentrate on areas that I was struggling with, either because of deeper issues or because it was a Journey I enjoyed or felt a need to repeat.


I am so amazed as I do the reviews and feedback for this course how so much of what I am working on is intertwined with the course, no wonder I keep coming back to the �AKA Healing course, all of this has been calling me for so long, I have been trying so hard to remember, I made it so hard on myself to remember.  It is time to DO!


Wow, done already, could not believe I made it to the other side!  All of these were so powerful they are truly beyond words.  Loved the Light Warrior Initiation, it was very powerful and left me wanting to do more.  I am thrilled that I have had this experience and that the Celtic Turn is enhancing what I have learned.  How thrilling that there is PathWork to continue the calling.


I have truly enjoyed this most amazing journey; it has been hard but rewarding.  I am truly grateful to you for sharing this with me.  I would highly recommend this to anyone who is searching for a way to really take that step onto the road of filling their lives with LIGHT!


MB -  East Coast, USA (March 2011) - Sacred Moon Reiki

I was pleased to find that detailed homework assignments were part of this process.  The advertising and everything indicated about the course were very accurate.  Rev. Wendi really knows her stuff. :D  I found the Home Study Guide very helpful, easy to use and very convenient!  It was a  Fun, self learning/motivation enhancing course to take. The best experience I had was learning a ritual and learning how to do distance attunements.   This particular modality allowed me to feel more connected, for a variety of reasons.  After practicing with this modality, I felt the energy source more than ever and feel a heightened awareness of energy within and around me.   The simplicity and nature-base of this energy modality makes it attractive to use.  Thank you for this opportunity to experience Sacred Moon Reiki with you.  I look toward learning other modalities with Spirits of Native Light.


RW - USA (March 2011) - Celtic Reiki

Considerable research on Celtic Reiki was done before I decided on The Spirits of NativeLIGHT for my studies.   I had a very good feeling when I read about Rev. Wendi Wolfwoman and her description of the Celtic Reiki Course.  My expectations for the course were that I would learn the methods and practice for the use of healing energies of Celtic Reiki.  I have come to discover that instruction on a subject is not adequate in most cases and that a healthy rapport with the instructor is key for success in the desired modality of training.

Were my expectations met? Yes, and they were far exceeded by Rev. Wendi and her team at The Spirits of NativeLight.  Every question I had as answered in depth and I was reassured from my worries by the kind and encouraging comments I received.  The constant communications allowed me to work at my own pace and still be closely connected to my instructor.  

The E-book format was a very easy way to interact with the required course material.   This course provided great interaction with staff due to the required material submissions. But I feel what makes your course stand out from others was the constant feedback and encouragement from the instructor.

As an On-line course, this Celtic Reiki Course through Spirits of NativeLIGHT was by far the best investment I could have made with regards to my energy healing studies.

The most positive experience of this course was the personal interaction with Rev. Wendi Wolfwoman and her staff. I felt they were always caring and concerned, taking the extra steps to be sure I was satisfied with the product they were providing.   I truly enjoyed the interaction with staff and the required case studies with feedback from the instructor.  It was a lot of work but it was very rewarding experience.   

The Attunements that were given by Rev. Wendi carried more power then most attunements I have had received prior.  Energy vibrations that I was now attuned have brought a new awareness to my sense of Mother Earth and the Universe.   My life has been changed for the better by having my mind opened by energies Celtic Reiki.  Through the use of the Celtic Reiki energies and my new talents I really feel I have the tools and knowledge to assist in the wellness of others. The ability to use the earth and tree vibrations to heal makes perfect sense to me now.

I have grown in many ways from this experience with Spirits of NativeLIGHT and plan to continue my studies for my own enlightenment and personal growth.

 I thank you, Rev. Wendi and your team at Spirits of NativeLIGHT for a truly exciting and enlightening experience.  I sincerely thank Rev. Wendi for offering the "Free Full Moon Attunements".   These extras added to the enjoyment of my experience and enriched my knowledge and curiosity in areas I wouldn't have been exposed too.

CB - USA (March 2011) - Money Reiki

This course work is more extensive in its requirements for certification. Even when I trained in Usui Reiki the in person workshop was not as detailed. So this was a nice experience.  I most enjoyed the practical use and knowledge of moving forward with the modality.

DM - USA (February 2011) - Free FULL Moon Attunements for Students

The Free Full Moon Attunements are an awesome benefit of being a student of Rev. Wendi and Spirits of NativeLight.  Rev. Wendi cares deeply about even the energies that she passes to her students for free, requiring of them to know, understand and integrate the energies before moving on.  This is true dedication.

I have found that Rev. Wendi is deeply knowledgeable about the different energies and can often put into words what I as the student is trying to articulate. Rev. Wendi requires more from her students, this can be considered good and bad depending on your view.  I feel it is helpful as you get to know the energies and it ensures that you have a vested interest in your path. 

The Home Study Guide ebook is a great way to do the course work and turn it in.  The classes are well done, the energies are strong and anyone would gain much from Rev Wendi's knowledge.

My most positive experience is being able to discuss my doubts, fears, hopes and next steps with Rev. Wendi.  It is wonderful that she offers the email access even for the free full moon attunements. I have been taking classes for over a year with Rev. Wendi have still quite a few on my list to complete.

TK - USA (February 2011) - Shamanism Immersion

Feedback on the Shaman Course?  Where do I begin...this is by far the best course I have taken so far.  Your information was thorough and presented in such a way that it left little to question.  The journey's are setup in such a way that the way they build upon each other is awesome. This course went way beyond my expectations!  Rev. Wendi is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to Shamanism.  It is the only Shamanism course I recommend.  When they ask, Where did you learn that?  I say from Rev. Wendi!!  I love the quick response from the questions I had. I am so pleased and happy to have been a part of this study in Shamanism.  I feel more confident and satisfied than I have ever felt before. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and I look forward to the advanced courses.  

CA - Oregon (Nov 2010) - Attraction Reiki

This course far exceeded my expectation.  The material was detailed and easy to follow.  The communication between Rev. Wendi and her staff was the best I have experienced anywhere.  I believe the reason why Rev. Wendi is so knowledgeable regarding the material is because she uses the energy everyday.

In previous studies, the course manual wasn't as detailed as Rev. Wendi's material and the level of communication with other teachers was non-existent.

The Attraction Reiki course changed my life.  I could for the first time feel the energy as I was working with it.  In addition, the course taught me that I am responsible for healing and attracting the resources I need and want in my life.  It empowered me to create positive change in my life.

I love the prices of the courses.  I found them very reasonable and affordable.  It was a pleasure taking this course and I look forward to taking more courses in my journey.

BG - Canada (Nov 2010) - Kahi Loa

This course exceeded my expectations.  Rev Wendi answered all my questions and was very thorough with her answers.    She has made it so by the time you finish all the requirements for the course you have a solid understanding of the modality and have plenty of hands on experience.  Other courses I have taken, even most in-person classes have not required Case Studies and practice.

The Home Study Guide is very convenient.  I knew exactly what was required to complete the course and sending in my Case Studies was so easy using the Guide.

Taking the class from Spirits of NativeLight and Rev. Wendi was a great experience.  Doing home study is so convenient and economical and I feel I actually learned more with this approach then if I had taken an in-person class, as it has taken me 3 months to learn the modality, fulfill the course requirements and feel 100% comfortable practicing it and Rev. Wendi was available the whole time.

Receiving feedback from Rev. Wendi was great as it built my confidence in using Kahi Loa.  She explains everything very well and it was great knowing she is a dedicated teacher who is always available to her students.

Thank you Rev. Wendi and Staff for all the time you have put into me learning Kahi Loa.  Until we do it again, take care and Thanks!

JP - NY (Nov 2010) - Raku Kei Reiki

Rev. Wendi was with me and answered every question I had every step of my progress using this wonderful  modality.  Rev. Wendi conveys a personal touch that is lacking in most distant/online courses.  The Home Study Guide & Case Studies are great tools for students as it can be so easy to be attuned and not actually use the modality - it encourages one to use and work with the energies.  The work with you is Absolutely Wonderful and I will definitely take additional courses with you.

GC - CA (Oct 2010) - Abundantia Abundance Ray

I so enjoyed working with Rev. Wendi and her staff.  Everyone was so helpful.  Rev. Wendi's energy is amazing and it comes through in such a wonderful way for the attunements to flow into the vibrational level needed.  I wasn't used to to using a study guide like this and it is something handy to have.   I would highly recommend any classes through your school.  Everyone one is so helpful and nice and they get back to you in a good time frame.  The lessons are explained well and if questions arise there is encouragement in contacting the instructor.  I loved my whole experience with your school. Thank you for having this school available on line for those us who are continuing to learn.

LA - TX (Oct 2010) - Whole Self Axiatonal Alignment

The Whole Self course provided excellent opportunity for self growth.  I found the word very engaging and am pleased to have had the opportunity to speaking with Rev. Wendi and get real time feedback on what I was saying, feeling and thinking as well as guidance from her which applied to me and my clients.

I.A.N - UK (Sept 2010) - SEKHEM Reiki

It has been a wonderful blessing to have had the opportunity to work with Rev. Wendi (and I hope to continue working with her in the future) as indeed she is an enlightened being sent to Earth to Assist both Corporeal and Non- Corporeal beings to prepare themselves.

It goes without saying that the journey has been both replete with rewards and emotional. It was wonderful to have a fellow Healer of Light as a companion on this journey, whom not only made me feel welcome but  became a dear friend. Moreover Rev. Wendi enquired about my previous experience with healing modalities and background which I found a wonderful surprise.

 Finally the Case Studies: Healing Sessions, Case Studies and Attunements were a joy, not only to ensure the healing energies settled but in terms of better understanding the working of the healing energies. In as much as using them in the following categories: For Self Healing, Patient Healing, Distance Attunements for Groups, each day for the aforementioned categories present its respective alignment and exactly like each day presents various patients with various background. Thus constituting a marvelous opportunity to see how the healing energies respond to each person.

 It has been an amazing journey, one that I shall always remember. Rev. Wendi indeed is remarkable healer and a true telepath.

B.G - Ontario, CA (Oct 2010) - Kahi Loa

Just wanted to let you know I really appreciate all the hard work you guys do and what you offer to your students.  It's unbelievable that I am able to feel so confident with performing Kahi Loa and the cost, well definitely worth a lot more!  Thanks so much

L. C. - Auburn, WA - Live MANAfesting course

You have the ability to make every person in the class special and you teach to each of us as an individual.  I believe the mark of a great mentor is that they make no value judgments and that there is no condemnation for any beliefs or experiences of others.  You are the embodiment of a great mentor.  Your generosity, caring and sharing is exceptional.

F.O.�Seattle, WA - Channeling/Meeting Your Guides

This channeling workshop is essential for anyone who is following a Spiritual path.

PG�Seattle, WA - live 'AKA Healing Course

Your lighthearted approach made this class fun and informative.  I learned a lot.  Thank you, thank you�when is the Level II class?

 NC�Seattle, WA

I learned so much, it is amazing.  Much more than I had expected and it has made a big difference in my life.

AC�Seattle, WA

Thank you so much, I am really looking forward to the Level II class.  I don�t know when I last learned so much and had fun doing it.

PB - Seattle, WA

Your knowledge and confidence with the material are rare  as is your ability to share the information with us.

LG� At the Body, Mind and Spirit Expo in Seattle

Your presentation was wonderful.  I learned so much in just 30 minutes and it was great fun as well as being very informative.


I can hardly wait until the next level workshop.  The things I have learned help me everyday in all areas of my life.


Fantastic, dynamic, loving, caring, fun, moving� Rev. Wendi's sharing with us was a powerful experience.  


The intimacy and personal compassion and involvement of Rev. Wendi made this a phenomenal class. I received so much more information and details than in my previous class


My experience was indescribable, life changing, deep and surreal�I have quite possibly found a niche or calling. 


A life changing experience�a MUST for anyone who is exploring their spirituality and/or on the path of enlightenment. 


As a massage therapist, I already use energy in my work; however, until I took the class from WolfWoman it was directionless energy.  Now my clients comment on how much more powerful sessions are than before AND, I have received such serenity that I�m not sure how I did without Reiki in my life.  I highly recommend this class for everyone and am giving it as a holiday present to friends

SB�Edmonds, WA

Rev. Wendi is a very earth based and wise woman.  The Cosmos has sought her out to pass on her knowledge and we ALL benefit!

P. G.�Portland, OR

Your workshops are fantastic, dynamic, loving, compassionate, fun and very moving.  The love and wealth of wisdom you share with us is amazing.  I highly recommend your workshops to anyone who is on the path of Spiritual  Growth.

G. H.�Phoenix, AZ

This workshop was wild and wonderful and completely fulfilling.  I LOVED it!  Sign me up for the next workshop right now.




Healing Sessions

LA - Portland, OR

I had a migraine which was keeping me from enjoying time with my family�Wendi gave me a session and I was able to function immediately afterward.

B.K. - Hawaii

I have experienced many energy sessions from many healers using many modalities and the session with you was the most powerful I have ever had.  You have ALL the knowledge and skill you need and you must share it with as many people as you are able.  Mahalo!

R. S. - Hawaii

You have helped me so much, I don't have words to thank you.  Everyday my life is so much better for working with you.

R. P. �Energy Practitioner

I have been  a practitioner of Energy Healing modalities for many years and find 'AKA Healing Energy to be the most profound healing I have ever experienced. Everyone should experience this.  When will you be teaching again? 

R.�Energy Practitioner

When you were giving R. P.  the 'AKA Healing session, the room in which we were all working contained such profound energy that I HAD to break into song.  What wonderful energy.  When can I book an appointment?

C. �Radio Show Host

I was having an extremely difficult day and was quite �wound up� when I arrived for the Hawaiian  Energy session.  When I left, I was so totally centered and grounded that it was incredible and since we worked on receiving issues, my cash flow has steadied and increased at a remarkable rate.

J. B.�Psychic and Healer

I pulled my back and was in great pain during a set-up for a fair.  WolfWoman gave me an 'AKA Healing session and the issue with my back was healed instantly.  I am amazed at the profound energy of the 'AKA Healing energy and immediately booked an appointment with WolfWoman for my son.  I am telling EVERYONE I know about you and 'AKA Healing.

C. S.�Reader and Airline Attendant

The 'AKA Healing 22 Strand DNA restructuring session with WolfWoman is incredible.  I experienced such a release of issues that I now see WolfWoman every week.

T. B.�Energy Practitioner

My sessions with 'AKA Healing are so profound it is difficult to find words to describe my experiences I have experienced healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels that are far beyond what I have EVER experienced before.  I recommend 'AKA Healing for anyone who is on a path to physical or spiritual healing.


I�ve experienced energy work before, but never have I had it be so effective as with you.  I feel so relaxed and revitalized.


You have magic hands.  My pain is gone. The session was wonderful.


I have never had energy work before; however, my back was so stiff and sore that I hadn�t been sleeping and was hardly able to walk so I decided to try it.  One session with you and my pain was gone and I was able to stay at the Expo the entire day without pain and stiffness.


I am diabetic and have nerve damage in my hands and feet.  I had worked quite hard the day before and was VERY sore. I had a session with WolfWoman and not only was the soreness gone, but I had �feeling� in my hands and feet�how wonderful.


 After the session with you, I felt so energized and renewed that I rode my bicycle all over town.

 J.M.-Denver, CO

I don�t know what you did or how you did it with me in Colorado and you in Washington, but my knee and ankle are so much better I�m able to play hockey again.